Toilet training for women
Thread from 12th June 2022 “Every employee should have the right to use the bathroom/changing facility which aligns with their gender identity regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth.” says IBEC of its guidelines which it says were ”..prepared by our own team..” /1 Staff with trans fe…
After the watershed
The cognitive dissonance between those condemning men’s violence to women who also insist that women accept men who “identify” as women has been laid bare this week. One woman gives her views.
Submission to the review of our equality legislation
A man’s feelings of having a female “gender identity” is a belief. The concept of “gender identity” cannot be allowed to replace the reality of sex in law. For women and girls, any legislation needs to prioritise safeguarding protection and privacy on the basis of our sex.
Men’s feelings to override women’s legal rights?
Why should women and girls be expected to have fully intact males, who claim to have an undefinable “gender identity”, in our private spaces?
#SaveOurSpaces campaign organized by Radicailin
Excerpts and photos from Radicailin’s campaign launch #SaveOurSpaces over the Government’s commitment to amend the gender ground in our equality legislation and include “gender identity” which puts at risk the right of women and girls to single sex spaces.
FLAC fails to support women’s sex-based rights
Women and girls are provided with protection on the grounds of sex under our equality legislation. FLAC has just published guidance for making submissions to the Public Consultation on the review of this legislation. Why have they not mentioned the need to protect the rights of women and girls?
Statistics we can’t rely on
Statistics based on self-identified gender identity rather than sex are misleading and unreliable. By contrast a survey based on sex by the Red C polling company for the new grassroots women’s group The Countess deserves far greater coverage by the media.
Amending legislation likely to make women and girls feel more unsafe
Protecting men with a female “gender identity” from discrimination in our equality legislation risks the protection afforded to women and girls currently allowed on the “gender ground”, which is defined as male or female
Should the Government give men the right to use women’s spaces?
If our equality legislation is amended to include “gender identity” it may effectively abolish women’s and girl’s right to single-sex provision of services or spaces. Why should the demands of some men override the rights of women and girls?
Gender identity to replace sex
There are only two sexes, which hormones or surgery don’t alter. Amending our equality legislation to include males who claim a female “gender identity” risks losing the protections women and girls have on account of our sex. Please let Oireachtas members know your views.
When some are more equal than others
The exemption under gender in our equality legislation was clearly provided to protect women and girls. If men claiming to have a female “gender identity” are now to be included, what protection for single-sex facilities will there be in future for women and girls?
The UK’s EHRC has withdrawn from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme. Is it time that the IHREC in this country cast its net wider as to who it consults with on gender identity issues?
Will State agencies stand up for women’s and girl’s sex-based rights?
Government proposal may result in replacement of sex with “gender identity” in equality legislation This week has seen Stand Up Awareness Week with BeLonG To [], the organisation for young LGBT people in Ireland, providing resources for schools “to ta…
Coalition government’s plans
The coalition government is planning to allow children 16+ to legally self-id their gender without the requirement for two specialist reports, examine arrangements for under 16s plus amend equality legislation which may adversely affect women and girls
All it takes is a GRC: How a man can be sent to a women’s prison in Ireland
Many women prisoners are amongst the most vulnerable in Irish society. Yet with a Gender Recognition Certificate any man can self-id as a member of the opposite sex and be sent to a women’s prison, even if he’s a sex offender.