Thread from 5th December 2021

"Gender identity" is to be added to our equality legislation, despite a Public Consultation only being held now.

The commitment was given in the Programme for Government in 2020, granted without consultation with the stakeholder to be most adversely affected by it - women.   1

"The Programme for Government includes a commitment to amend the gender ground in equality legislation, to ensure that someone discriminated against on the basis of their gender identity is able to avail of this legislation." 2

Should the Government give men the right to use women’s spaces?
If our equality legislation is amended to include “gender identity” it may effectively abolish women’s and girl’s right to single-sex provision of services or spaces. Why should the demands of some men override the rights of women and girls?

The Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (IHREC) says that transgender people are already protected by our equality legislation.

So are those who have had gender reassignment, as the EU Court of Justice has held.   3

But this is not the same as "gender identity".  So why did the IHREC last year say:

"The Commission recommends amendment of the equality acts to explicitly prohibit discrimination against transgender, non-binary and intersex people'?"

We're still waiting for an answer.    4

TENI, Transgender Equality Network of Ireland, says

“Some, but not all, trans people undergo surgery to align their bodies with their gender.”

And the 2015 US Transgender Survey found that 12% or less had had any genital surgery so most are likely to be fully intact males.  5

Why should women and girls be expected to have fully intact males who claim to have an undefinable "gender identity" in our private spaces such as toilets, changing rooms, single sex clubs e.g. for lesbians, sports, accommodation?

Deadline Wednesday:   6

@TheCountessIE has a template letter to make it very straightforward to let Government know your views.

Please support the sex-based rights of women and girls in the face of the onslaught by gender identity ideology.

Infographic below:   7

Gender identity to replace sex
There are only two sexes, which hormones or surgery don’t alter. Amending our equality legislation to include males who claim a female “gender identity” risks losing the protections women and girls have on account of our sex. Please let Oireachtas members know your views.

N.B. Women and girls are currently provided with an exemption under our equality legislation from having to be with men where we are particularly vulnerable and require privacy e.g. in toilets or changing rooms. 8

@radicailin @Irish_WL @Ire_LGBAlliance

FLAC fails to support women’s sex-based rights
Women and girls are provided with protection on the grounds of sex under our equality legislation. FLAC has just published guidance for making submissions to the Public Consultation on the review of this legislation. Why have they not mentioned the need to protect the rights of women and girls?

Adding "gender identity" to the very first ground to be protected from discrimination - gender - in the 2000 Equal Status Act puts at risk the safeguards and protection currently afforded to women and girls on the basis of our sex.   9 #SaveOurSpaces #WomenWontWheesht