Thread from June 3rd 2021

"A review of the Equality legislation is planned to begin in 2021, this will incorporate consideration of the gender ground..." What implications does this have for women and girls?

A commitment was given in the Programme for Government in 2020 to add "gender identity" to our equality legislation.

Coalition government’s plans
The coalition government is planning to allow children 16+ to legally self-id their gender without the requirement for two specialist reports, examine arrangements for under 16s plus amend equality legislation which may adversely affect women and girls

As a result of the capture of our legislature and agencies by gender identity ideology males with a female "gender identity" may be permitted to access women and girls hitherto single-sex facilities, such as toilets, claiming "discrimination" if not allowed to.

p.77 of the Programme for Government 2020

The statement today by @rodericogorman @LeoVaradkar @dcediy does nothing to reassure women and girls that our rights to single-sex facilities as protected by the exemption under "gender" in our equality legislation will be maintained, where it is defined as male and female.

Equal Status Act, 2000

No reply has yet been received to this query to the IHREC:

Email to IHREC from Women's Space Ireland
The UK’s EHRC has withdrawn from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme. Is it time that the IHREC in this country cast its net wider as to who it consults with on gender identity issues?