Thread from 27th November 2021

#SaveOurSpaces Some photos from today's protest at Dáil Eireann organised by @radicailin "I can feel the presence of other survivors here, there are more than a few of us. Can you feel it?"  @FemmeLoves on the need to safeguard children #SexNotGender@rodericogorman@dcediy 1/

"Get angry at the politician who allowed Self ID to pass in the dark, get angry at the schoolteacher grooming your child into this ideology, get angry at the press, looking the other way," says our own Glinner

"Because finally, it's your anger, that will win this fight." 2/

"A secret Jesuit committee wrote our 1937 Constitution and now unelected unrepresentative activists are grooming our politicians and pushing through laws." Laoise Uí Aodha de Brún of @TheCountessIE     3/

Rachel Moran @Irish_WL "It is no coincidence that the first women to experience the loss of their sex protected spaces are the women positioned lowest on the ladder of society."

"Women's rights are not up for debate."  4/



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