Thread from July 29th 2022

"The appointment of a consultant psychiatrist to manage the service is still required after being advertised twice without success." Is it possible that applicants are dissuaded because of the Government's support for WPATH? Who required this?

January 2020: "...the HSE proposes that diagnosis should be 'guided by' the recommendations of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (Wpath), which places a strong emphasis on patients’ self-declaration as the basis for treatment."

In the 2020 Programme for Government it was promised to

WPATH is open to "trans individuals who are not licensed professionals" and it criticised the judgement in the Keira Bell case.

Dr Stephen Levine "..WPATH can no longer be considered a purely professional organization."

FINAL Statement Regarding Informed Consent Court Case_Dec 16 2020.docx.pdf (

P.S. Re guidance on puberty blockers: @ICGPnews produced guidance in January 2021 in conjunction with LGBT Ireland and TENI which had to be hurriedly removed and changed when women objected to puberty blockers being described as "reversible":

The NHS removed its claim that puberty blockers are reversible in May of last year. Last month the ICGP produced guidance which claimed they were reversible but rapidly changed that last week. The HSE’s claim that they are reversible is still online.