Thread from June 27th 2021 regarding article in The Irish Times on June 26th:

"The HSE spokeswoman said Philip Crowley, the head of the quality improvement division, was not available for interview."

For those who missed it yesterday, here's the excellent article by @cpkeena@IrishTimes

"A Model of Care (MoC) was developed between 2012 and 2017 to support the development of HSE Gender Identity Development (GID) services under the auspices of Dr. Philip Crowley, National Director of the HSE Quality Improvement Division."                                                                                              

In March 2015 when the Gender Recognition Bill still involved a medical input for those applying, Dr Crowley was quoted as saying the HSE was in favour of self-id.                                                                                                               

Here's a link to the affidavit by psychiatrist Dr Stephen Levine mentioned in The Irish Times article published yesterday: he makes some very interesting points:

And here's Dr Levine, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, speaking himself at a Hearing on Standards of Care for Minors Experiencing Gender Dysphoria last year: