Thread from 27th February 2023

New Government working group on disinformation; what needs to be on their agenda? Please reply with your suggestions, all appreciated!

Here's one to start with: @TheCountessIE@radicailin@russellnoirin@wicklowwomen4w1@WORIADS_eu@Ire_LGBAlliance

Here's another one from @HSELive. One's sex is observed at birth, not "assigned".

HSE Rainbow Badge Practice guide for Healthcare Professionals

Of course the 2015 Gender Recognition Act provides the following disinformation:

Compounded by the ability to acquire a new "birth" certificate:

“The issuing of a gender recognition certificate to a person whose birth is registered in Ireland entitles them to a new birth certificate. A person can apply to have their new details recorded and an updated certificate will issue to include a new forename, gender and registration number. Births registered after 1997 can be updated to include a new surname, where requested.”

     Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, May 2020

Legislation on gender self-identification
A government advisory group recommended medical gate keeping for a Gender Recognition Certificate but with weeks to go the bill was completely altered and became a self-id Gender Recognition Act in 2015. Why did legislators agree to this change and why were women’s rights not considered?

Another way of describing this disinformation could well be:

One reply received:

Keep sending examples of Government disinformation to Women's Space Ireland please for them to be added to the list for the new working group to tackle.