Thread from 6th March 2024

"The leaked files put a spotlight on the danger of mixing ideological activism with medicine and science. They should serve as an urgent wakeup call for the medical associations and government agencies that rely on WPATH guidance for transgender health."

Secret files show how international group pushes shocking experimental gender surgery for minors, New York Post, March 4th 2024]

The 2020 Programme for Government contained the following:

@HSELive advertisement for a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist at CAMHS Linn Dara and CHI at Tallaght in 2021:

This is not a professional organisation.  It admits activists as members e.g. Vanessa Lacey, ex TENI, the Transgender Equality Network Ireland:

And it issues political statements on such as this one on Black Lives Matter.

It also criticized the UK High Court judgement in the case of Keira Bell:

WPATH now endorses "gender-affirming medical care" for those who "identify" as eunuchs:

Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8 (

WPATH even supplied a link to the Eunuch Archives, where men anonymously share castration fetishes.

Is this the sort of body @roinnslainte thinks is appropriate for our health service to refer to in providing care to those in distress about their sex?

Will WPATH be included in the next Programme for Government?