Will women in Ireland be able to call out a man like this if we see him in a space in which women and children are vulnerable, such as changing rooms, once the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022 becomes law?

Bristol transgender woman jailed for rape
Lexi-Rose Crawford, 24, is sentenced to nine years in jail for raping someone while on licence.

Media outlets which have pandered to this ideology by calling men "women" are clearly culpable in the grooming of society into belief in this ideology. #TheseAreNotOurCrimes

Trans double rapist Isla Bryson described as ‘she’ and ‘her’ in government papers
TRANS double rapist Isla Bryson was privately referred to as a woman by SNP Government officials, we can reveal today. Papers show the brute was described as “she” and “her” — despite ministers swe…

"I introduced the word and the concept of autogynephilia—the tendency of certain males to become sexually aroused by the thought or image of  themselves as females—in 1989 as an extension of the concept of  transvestic fetishism."

What Is Autogynephilia? An Interview with Dr Ray Blanchard
Sydney. London. Toronto.

"The flat denial that autogynephilia exists became a canon of modern trans activism, trans activism become [sic] a sub-department of the Social Justice Movement, and the Social Justice Movement became a primary combatant in the ongoing, pervasive Culture Wars."

Transvestite & Crossdressing – TENI

Dr Blanchard says of the figures for autogynephilic gender-dysphoric men "The proportion had reached 75 percent by 2010, and it might be even higher now."

For how this affects their partners see @transwidows

Home | Trans Widows Voices
A trans widow is a woman whose male partner believes that they have a gender identity other than “man” or who cross dresses. Women in this situation report feeling like their male partner has died. This site exists to share the experiences of trans widows.

Dr Blanchard: "Their anger results from 'envy of women and resentment at not being  accepted by women as one of them,' he has tweeted. 'They direct their ire at women because it is women who frustrate their desires. Men are largely irrelevant.'”

The Truth about Autogynephilia
Sydney. London. Toronto.

Some of the men involved in promoting gender identity ideology claim to be women such as Jennifer Pritzker:


And Martine Rothblatt: @11thblog

Martine Rothblatt: A Founding Father of the “Transgender” Empire
Martine Rothblatt is an entrepreneur and lawyer who has been instrumental in the rise of transsexualism, “transgenderism,” and, ultimately, transhumanism.

One of the protected characteristics in the new bill overwhelmingly passed by the Dáil last month with just 14 opposed was that of "gender" which was explained as:

b105b22d.pdf (oireachtas.ie)

Women have a well understood need - which we learn from childhood - to protect ourselves when vulnerable such as when in states of undress; hospital wards; toilets and so on.

Any man transgressing this norm raises a red flag for us.

It doesn't matter whether or not a man is innocently seeking to use women's spaces or services or whether he has an ulterior motive.

Women want the norms of privacy, dignity and our need for safety to be respected by Government.

It's not "hatred" for women to assert this.