Thread from 23rd December 2021

For Christmas, unless more are released, Limerick women's prison will still be the most full and includes three men with Gender Recognition Certificates. What provision is being made for men with Gender Recognition Certificates in the new Limerick women's prison?      1/3

The Irish Prison Service said today that the new female facility in Limerick Prison will contain a number of distinct areas for housing prisoners:   2/3

Part of email response from the Irish Prison Service

Why would lesbians need to be accommodated separately to other women? Adding "I" for "intersex" of course shouldn't be included. @ClareCAIS @zaelefty 3/3

What’s I got to do with T?
Why are those with Differences of Sex Development (DSDs) being “incorrectly” grouped with sexual and gender identities? Why are campaigners doing this?