Thread from 18th April 2024

State funded activist groups yesterday complained about men not being able to play in women's sports.

But there's not one word about the effect this has on women and girls.

Introduction to letter:

LGBT Ireland received €483,184 in statutory and philanthropic grants in 2022; the National LGBT Federation received €149,397 in 2021 (latest accounts found on from the Department of Social Protection Pobal CSP.

ShoutOut received €45,523 from @dcediy alone in 2022. Outhouse meanwhile reports its statutory income for 2022 below:

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In 2022 @HSELive gave TENI, the Transgender Equality Network Ireland, €214,000 up from €183,000 in 2021.

BeLonG To, another signatory to this Open Letter, received €780,642 in Government grants from several departments in 2022 and another €30,643 from other Government agencies.

One of BeLonG To's use of funds is Campaigning for Change.  It says that €76,499 of Government funding and €240,310 of fundraised income was spent on this in 2022. It has 118 returns registered on to date

Lobbying Organisation |

Why should the Government fund any organisation which lobbies to have men and boys enabled to play in women's and girl's sports?

Some of these groups clearly want to reduce their reliance on statutory funding:

It's worth pointing out again that the General Scheme of the 2013 Gender Recognition Bill proposed to prohibit or restrict participants "whose gender has become the acquired gender" in the interests of maintaining fairness and safety, for women and girls:

General Scheme of Gender Recognition Bill 2013

Who opposed this? TENI, not surprisingly:

But so also did the Irish Human Rights Commission, which later merged with the Equality Authority to become @_IHREC:

It's unconscionable that the Government continues to fund activist groups which lobby against the interests of women and girls in maintaining our own sports free from incursion by men and boys.  This Open Letter to Dr Una May of Sport Ireland hides the reality in its language:

Please let those seeking votes in the local and European elections know what you think of men and boys seeking to compete with and against girls and women. It's both unfair and a safety risk. State funding for this looks very much like discrimination against women and girls.

From the Charities Regulator website: update for the National LGBT Federation @nxfie