A thread from 1st October 2021

"In recent months here,.. some people, including TDs, have publicly referred to 'pregnant people'. When asked, the HSE confirms it has also, unfortunately to my mind, used that term recently."  

On RTE News recently Dr Clíona Murphy who is chair of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists spoke of "people in early pregnancy" and "the non-pregnant person".

We have written to the RCPI but have yet to receive a reply.

The @IrishCancerSoc now speaks of "men" when it comes to prostate cancer but "people" when it relates to cervical cancer. Why apply this "gender-neutral" terminology to one sex only, when both of these cancers are sex specific? 3/6

Downloaded from Irish Cancer Society's website on 1/10/21

After protests by women a few months ago @HSELive did reinsert the word "women" in some of the cervical cancer screening information. However "people" is still used which could lead to confusion:

Downloaded from HSE

Who has advised the HSE and other organisations such as the Irish Cancer Society to replace "women" with "people" and show so little respect for women's lives and health by failing to name us properly?        

HSE continues to dehumanize women
Doctors are to provide multilingual resources on cervical cancer to coincide with European Cervical Cancer Prevention this week. The HSE however is spending €453,000 to reach women who speak English while deliberately avoiding the word “women”.


Within a few hours of women complaining on social media about this the Irish Cancer Society changed the wording on its website:

The @IrishCancerSoc have now altered the misleading website information regarding who can get cervical cancer.

Why did the Irish Cancer Society put this inaccurate information up in the first place?

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