Thread from 18th May 2022

"It is understood the law may have to consider...the possibility of the law being evaded if a person 'consents' to a conversion practice." 1/6

The delay in banning the practice, "a commitment contained in the Programme for Government, comes after it was decided that research is needed to determine how prevalent it is, and in what settings it occurs, before legislating to ban it." 2/6

"'I am very conscious that this legislation is not a given . . . That’s why it’s so important that when we bring forward this proposal it’s clear, it’s watertight and we have the research to back it up.'" 3/6

Alan Edge of LGBT Ireland said that while he expects the research will look into the sorts of conversion practices that are happening, it likely won’t give us an idea of the extent. “The reason for that really is because these these interventions happen in dark places.."   4/6

"'So we recognise that there is a global movement behind banning conversion therapy, and even if it’s not happening every time in every village, it definitely is happening, and the effects are so devastating, potentially for people that we need the government to take action'” 5/6

"If nobody had experienced it, it should still be banned."

from the minutes of the Minutes of the National LGBTI+ Inclusion Strategy Steering Committee last June:  6/6

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Many see including “gender identity” in a ban on conversion therapy as a Trojan Horse to prevent health professionals from doing their job of counselling young people. Is “affirmation” of young people leading to hormones and surgery the real “conversion therapy”?