Thread from 17th May 2022

"..Sex Matters said that an unintended consequence of the proposed revisions were clauses that shielded criminals — such as those who have a record of money laundering or child abuse — as the legislation protects a person’s previous identity." 1/7

Gender Reform Act may let criminals hide past
Criminals will exploit loopholes in the SNP’s planned reforms to gender laws as an “invisibility cloak” to hide past offending, campaigners have claimed.Minist

" would risk offering an opportunity to people 'who want to conveniently sever the link between themselves and their past'. Easy access to the certificate could create 'an extraordinary state-sponsored invisibility cloak, comparable to going into witness protection'."   2/7

In Ireland a self-id GRC (simply fill in a form and have it witnessed by a Peace Commissioner/Notary Public/Commissioner for Oaths/Solicitor) allows not only a change of sex and name but also a new birth certificate: 3/7

Of a new birth certificate: "There is nothing to indicate that this certificate is a 're-issue'." 4/7

May 2020

Having a criminal conviction in Ireland is not a bar to applying for or being granted a GRC:  5/7 @SexMattersOrg @HJoyceGender

We also provide GRC's to those born abroad "while protecting the confidentiality of the citizen concerned."  6/7

But if an individual wants to change or revoke a GRC we provide for that too, to be witnessed again as above:  7/7 - Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate / Revised Birth Certificate (

For more on how Ireland's gender recognition legislation was achieved, see

Legislation on gender self-identification
A government advisory group recommended medical gate keeping for a Gender Recognition Certificate but with weeks to go the bill was completely altered and became a self-id Gender Recognition Act in 2015. Why did legislators agree to this change and why were women’s rights not considered?