Thread from 17th May 2022

"..Sex Matters said that an unintended consequence of the proposed revisions were clauses that shielded criminals — such as those who have a record of money laundering or child abuse — as the legislation protects a person’s previous identity." 1/7

" would risk offering an opportunity to people 'who want to conveniently sever the link between themselves and their past'. Easy access to the certificate could create 'an extraordinary state-sponsored invisibility cloak, comparable to going into witness protection'."   2/7

In Ireland a self-id GRC (simply fill in a form and have it witnessed by a Peace Commissioner/Notary Public/Commissioner for Oaths/Solicitor) allows not only a change of sex and name but also a new birth certificate: 3/7

Of a new birth certificate: "There is nothing to indicate that this certificate is a 're-issue'." 4/7

May 2020

Having a criminal conviction in Ireland is not a bar to applying for or being granted a GRC:  5/7 @SexMattersOrg @HJoyceGender

We also provide GRC's to those born abroad "while protecting the confidentiality of the citizen concerned."  6/7

But if an individual wants to change or revoke a GRC we provide for that too, to be witnessed again as above:  7/7 - Apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate / Revised Birth Certificate (

For more on how Ireland's gender recognition legislation was achieved, see

Legislation on gender self-identification
A government advisory group recommended medical gate keeping for a Gender Recognition Certificate but with weeks to go the bill was completely altered and became a self-id Gender Recognition Act in 2015. Why did legislators agree to this change and why were women’s rights not considered?