Thread 9th March 2022 regarding International Women's Day

"Sara will be chatting about a variety of topics , in particular those that affect transgender women in terms of inclusion."

Wicklow Co Cl Library Service have now said that "Due to unprecedented interest in tickets, we have decided to make it an online event via Zoom."    

"Attendees may like to submit questions for Sara on the evening.  Please email these to [email protected] before 13.00 on Thursday 10th March. Please note that due to the high level of interest, it may not be possible within our timeframe to answer all questions."                                                            

Here's a question @wicklowcoco on men in sport, like Lia Thomas: Would Sara Phillips agree that including men in women's sports excludes women from winning in their own sports category?                                                                        

Events have proven @chrisandrews64 was of course correct.                

from The Irish Independent December 6th 2020