Thread from May 9th 2021

Letter  informing girls how to bind their breasts was compiled by sixth-formers at a school.








Could schoolchildren be influenced by lobby groups such as TENI here in Ireland which offers "lifehacks" advice on binding and tucking?

Is it appropriate @HSELive @roinnslainte to be funding a lobby group that promotes this?

Is this safe or healthy @roinnslainte @HSELive @ICGPnews ?

Has any medical advice been sought on possible risks?

Source: as above

Is it appropriate that the State funds advice on how to "Push the testicles back up inside"?

Lifehack-2-Tucking.pdf (

@SianGriffiths6 It's not sixth-formers promoting this here in Ireland, it's a State funded lobby group:

Source: as above

@tusla @OCO_ireland Please protect children in Ireland