Thread from 1st November 2021

[This article from The Times relates to British girl guides: clarification 3/11/21]

"The organisation, which provides activities and regular meetings for girls aged five to 18,  posted a tweet in support of Ace Week, an awareness event for asexuality, acknowledging all members and volunteers who identify as such." 1/9

Here in Ireland Irish Girl Guides has had a policy on transgender members from as long ago as 2017, two years after the passage of the 2015 Gender Recognition Act:                            2/9  (this link has now been deleted, but their submission to the Gender Recognition Act Review Group of 2018 also contains this phrase:)

"This means that membership is based on gender identity and IGG remains a space for all who live as girls and women, regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth."    3/9

"Under  the  Equal  Status  Acts,  a  person  does  not  have  to  disclose  if  they  are  transgender. The  only  way  to  know  if  a  member  is  transgender  is  if  they  or  their  parent  informs  you.  If they  do,  you  should  respect  their  confidentiality."                                                                  4/9

"In most  settings,  female  toilets  are  cubicles  and  each  individual’s  privacy  is respected. Trans girls should be allowed to use the same facilities as others and not assigned specific facilities unless they/their parents request it."            5/9

"As a member of a Unit, all girls will participate in the same activities as all members of your Unit.  For trans members, this includes sleeping in the same area as the other members if the trans girl/woman herself is comfortable."       6/9

Does this apply to leaders also?

"An adult who applies to be a Leader does not need to declare if they are transgender. If they have gone through the process of obtaining a change of gender on their record and getting a Gender Recognition Certificate, the Garda Vetting Unit will already have a record of this."         7/9

"If a member of IGG is transitioning to male, they will  be leaving the organisation and it is important  that  they are supported through this process."  8/9

What consideration was given to the rights and needs of girls in @IrishGirlGuides before this policy was adopted?                                    9/9

Provided at the end of the policy document: (but see beyond this for Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions)