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"The review was commissioned by the HSE’s chief medical officer, Dr Colm Henry, in response to an independent report the English NHS commissioned from UK consultant paediatrician Dr Hilary Cass into its own gender  identity service."

"In  the wake of the judgment, Dr Philip Crowley..of the Health Service Executive's quality improvement division, consulted a  solicitor from the State Claims Agency. A 'comfort letter' was then issued to Crumlin hospital by Dr Colm Henry,.."

"However, the issues raised and calls by the doctors for the service to  be 'terminated with immediate effect' were omitted from draft minutes of  the meeting."

This article is over three years old.

Reminder of the numbers of Irish children seen according to the Tavistock:

Note how of the 105 seen:

83% or 87 were aged 7 - 15

17% or 18 were aged 16+

70% were girls - why is this?

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Freedom of Information response from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust to question "What is the total number of children living in Ireland who were actually seen (not simply referred) by a representative of GIDS [Gender Identity Development Service], also broken down by age when seen and by sex at birth?"

Why is "gender dysphoria" now featuring so much in young girls when the 2014 retrospective study in St. Columcille's Hospital found in adults it was 73% men?

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Irish children were referred* from 2009, the first wasn't seen until 2012 according to figures supplied.
  • Referrals by comparison: