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Adam Long @nxfie talks of an "imported discourse"

Says also "we have to allow space for those conversations" on issues relatively new to the .

So when and where is it permitted to #LetWomenSpeak?

  1. c23 minutes in  #liveline@rteliveline@rte

The Taoiseach says he hasn't "heard any recent programmes" but had read about (it)...and  he defends the public service broadcaster.

Adam Long: "And free speech isn't a free-for-all either; you know I mean, there has to be some, you know what I mean...." 2.

Taoiseach: "I mean, look there is a balance here.  I think we have to, freedom of speech is very important..."

Adam Long: "Absolutely."

Taoiseach: " society. And, sometimes if we over - how will I put it - in order to allow people to understand, and to allow people to/   3.

/be part of a reasonable informed debate then they've got to be allowed to articulate their sense of the moment but then one would hope, that during the discussion, that gets modified. In other words that, life is full of nuances, life is not black and white, it never has been/4.

/black and white, excuse the..It's never been that simple.  I always feel there's lots of grey in life. Generally, about politics, about anything."

Thank you @MichealMartinTD given this is about women defending our rights such as retaining "woman" in maternity legislation   5.

The National LGBT Federation received half its funding in 2020 from Pobal.       6.

Other sources of funding have included the US Tides Foundation for a survey which was unrepresentative. 7.

Why was an unrepresentative survey carried out by the National LGBT Federation?
“While the number of participants was relatively large, they were not a random sample of the overall national population so the results may not be representative...Any follow-up to this study should use a representative sampling approach to overcome these limitations.”

Though the survey did report viewpoints such as:   8.

p.39 of A C R O S S T HE SP EC T RUM Attitudes towards Minoritised Genders and Sexualities in Ireland

By contrast @TheCountess has provided a reputable survey of over 1,000 people which reveals how few voters agree with the provisions of the 2015 Gender Recognition Act, based on an imported US ideology. 9. ends #TheseWordsBelongToUs#womenwontwheest

Irish Public Have Say in First Irish Gender Poll
Irish society has become more accepting of gender expression, but when it comes to the provision of intimate spaces and services, biological sex matters. The Countess last month commissioned the first…