Thread from June 20th 2022

@UnaMulally completes a week since the last of the #liveline debates in which @IrishTimes has run no less than nine articles.

Not one provided any balance by seeking out the opinions of women who called @joeliveline@rteliveline.

But pic of Putin?


We need to see the manufactured debate on trans rights for what it is: nonsense
Those who think there’s a ‘point’ to this discourse, should look at who their allies are: Putin, ethno-nationalists, fundamentalist Catholics and the Christian right


Una Mullally to chair National LGBT Youth Strategy group
‘Irish Times’ journalist will oversee plan to tackle challenges faced by the community

Message from the editor Paul O'Neill on the newspaper's website:


So is The Irish Times seeking out both sides of the story?

4/5   @MarkHennessy

Quality journalism
“We do not go to publication without seeking both sides of the story” says the editor of The Irish Times, Paul O’Neill. Here is the coverage by the paper in one week since the Liveline programmes prompted by women’s concerns over the erasure of our name “woman” from legislation.

How the #Liveline story unfolded, with links to the programmes so readers and listeners can make up their own minds.  5/5 @deeforbes_dee (temporarily removed due to actions of transactivists)