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Trans women in rugby: ‘I’ve been cleaned out by 5ft 4in girls – how can I be dangerous?’
Alix Fitzgerald was a member of East London RFC, but the RFU’s ban on players ‘assigned male at birth’ in female rugby ended her career
Outrage as golfer bids to become first Ladies PGA title card holder
Hailey Davidson, the world’s first openly transgender person to win a professional golf tournament, practices before the competition.
Golfer in trans row as she fights to join LPGA tour
Judy Murray says Hailey Davidson’s participation in the sport is ‘wrong’, prompting a debate over transgender athletes in female sport
BBC apologises after interviewing transgender athlete who boasted of violence against women
Justin Webb, who led the interview, has insisted he had ‘no idea’ the retired MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, had made such comments = "This website is dedicated to archiving the achievements of females who were displaced by males in women's sporting events and other types of competitions expressly for women. One day soon we hope their accomplishments will be formally recognized."

Guest Editorial: Five-Time Olympic Coach Dennis Pursley Calls For End Of Transgender Participation in Women’s Sports
Olympic coach Dennis Pursley has written an editorial calling for the end of transgender participation and inquality in women’s sports.
How grass-roots sport is becoming an unwelcoming place for trans women
High-profile arguments at elite level are making life lower down the sporting pyramid less accepting
Rishi: Biology MUST come first in trans debate and government policy
Mr Sunak told a Mumsnet user that women’s rights and trans rights should both be respected, but stressed: ‘biology is critical to how we approach those type of questions.’
Olympic champ NICOLE COOKE - whose hero is a trans woman - speaks out
Former cyclist Mara Yamauchi says women cyclists are ‘too scared to speak out’ against transgender athletes after trans cyclist Emily Bridges was blocked from participating in the national championship. ‘We can’t all be cancelled’, she says.
Trans cyclist Emily Bridges facing ban from female events
The transgender cyclist prevented from participating in a national track event this weekend could be the subject of an indefinite ban under rules introduced by
Amateur women are ‘quitting sport after facing male-bodied opponents’
Campaign group Fair Play For Women states that women are dropping out of grassroots and amateur sports, with many participants ‘pressured’ to be silen...
Fears for future of female sport as transgender cyclist rides in
Competitors facing transgender cyclist Emily Bridges this week have concerns that her participation could lead to the “death of female sport” — but are too afra
Portrait of a sports world gone mad: Lia Thomas
Lia Thomas remained unbeatable at the Ivy League Women’s Championships on Thursday, with one smashing a record and both leaving their biological female competitors in their wake during the second day of events at Harvard University.
Trans women in sport criteria ‘needs to be addressed’ - TENI | Newstalk
‘We need to step back and look at society’s view of transgender people’
Team GB cycling stars face losing their Olympics places to trans woman
Emily Bridges has continued to race against men for the past year while undergoing hormone therapy. Her successes include a gold medal at the recent University Championships in Nottingham.
Powerlifter Rehana Manier ‘felt cheated’ after losing to transgender woman | Newstalk
Rehana Manier holds 18 world records and was competing for Ireland in 2018

Dr Ross Tucker @scienceofsport talking on Newstalk 22nd March 2022:$deeplink_path=podcast/82/331875&$desktop_url=

Sonia O’Sullivan: Transgender athletes cannot be allowed to compete in women’s sport
No use kicking issue down track – it’s become a major problem and a decision is needed

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Seb Coe warns ‘the future of women’s sport’ is at stake in transgender athletes row
World Athletics president says ‘gender cannot trump biology’ after seeing American swimmer Lia Thomas win highest national college title

Democrat feminist slams Biden for conflating sex and gender: We’re seeing ‘total invasion’ of women’s spaces
Feminist Kara Dansky discusses the state of women’s rights, and slams the word ‘transgender,’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’
Body check: Reconciling biology and fairness for female athletes while supporting trans inclusion in sport
GPs to prescribe ‘judgment-free’ fitness classes for women
Depressed or diabetic women seeking help from GPs are set to be prescribed fitness classes.This Girl Can classes, designed by Sport England and based on its su
Ian O’Riordan: No running from DSD and transgender debate in athletics
Sports bodies face a huge challenge in striking balance between inclusion and fairness
New guidelines for transgender participation unveiled by UK sports councils
There is no magic solution that balances the inclusion of trans women in female sport while guaranteeing competitive fairness and safety, new guidelines for sport across the UK conclude
New guidance issued for transgender athletes
A wide-ranging review of existing transgender rules in non-elite sport in the UK gives new guidance on inclusion, fairness and safety.