Strategy to combat gender-based violence to be published before summer break – McEntee
New refuges for women experiencing domestic violence will be set up, Minister says
More than half of sexual assault victims last year were children
82% of victims were female, and more than a quarter of crimes were over a decade old
Clíona Saidléar: Sex education needs to be about more than consent
The lesson history has repeatedly taught women is that every win, every tool, every strategy will be appropriated and potentially turned against us
2 Johnnies are squealing now, but it’s too late
Ah lads, would you all leave the 2 Johnnies alone? Such a fuss, as they might say themselves, over such a little thing. The comedians/presenters from Tipperary
Women’s refuge shortage forces charity to turn 70% of people away | Newstalk
A Dublin women’s refuge has no option but to turn away around 70% of the calls for help that come in.
Many women fleeing domestic violence face 30-minute drive to nearest refuge
Tusla report calls for provision of at least 56 new refuge places ‘to meet lowest threshold’
20% of young Irish women are abused by their male partner, says Women’s Aid
Young people struggle to read the signs of an abusive relationship as one in five young women are subject to abuse by a male partner, Women’s Aid has said.The c
Desire for uniformity will end single-sex schools
Schools should reflect the wishes of parents above all. Since it is their children who are being educated, parents should have the biggest say in how they are t
Sharp increases in sexual crimes and domestic abuse incidents last year
Garda stats suggest crime rates returned to pre-pandemic levels in second six months
Pauline Tully: If he means to kill you, a court order won’t stop him
Pauline Tully’s two sons, then aged seven and four, watched their father punch and stab their mother in their Co Cavan home on Christmas Eve 2014. During a two
Louise Karadag,: I’ll always live in fear but he’ll be out in three years
A mother of three whose ex-partner has been imprisoned for two years and nine months, after his assault in the family home left her with life-threatening st
To end this culture of abuse from men, start with boys
The killing of 23-year-old Ashling Murphy as she was out running along the Grand Canal near Tullamore on January 12 has sparked a national conversation about vi
Violent attacks on women by men will fall with the right societal framework in place
Women’s Aid’s Femicide Watch first started compiling the list of women and girls killed by violent men in Ireland in 1996. Last week the number of victims’ names on it stood at 244.
I don’t know how fair it is to burden grieving families with the weight of expectation that comes with declaring the loss of their adored daughter, friend and sister a ‘watershed moment’
The way we came together to grieve was a catharsis. A country in shock and anguish fell in love with the memory of Ashling Murphy, a vibrant portrait of a young woman created through the generous tributes of those who knew her — who spoke with impossible eloquence at a time of what was surely their …
Jennifer O’Connell: Ireland has a proud history of blind eyes, hypocrisy and empty words
Conversation on violence against women means nothing if system doesn’t change
McEntee calls for ‘societal and cultural change’ to tackle violence against women
Killing of Ashling Murphy has been a ‘watershed moment’, says Taoiseach
Miriam Lord: Another watershed moment? Maybe this time it will be different
Special Dáil session on violence against women was compelling and heart-gripping
‘I cannot say that no woman will suffer at the hands of a man tonight’, Justice Minister Helen McEntee
Justice Minister Helen McEntee has outlined how the Government will do more to protect women from male violence as she vowed to “commit to Ashling”
Tommy Conlon: Maybe more of us blokes are on that spectrum than we realise
What if the violence isn’t societal but genetic? What if we have to wait for evolution itself to winnow out the menace that males pose to females? We could be a long time waiting. We could be waiting for ever and a day.
Calls for action on gender-based violence after Ashling Murphy killing
Ireland’s minister for justice promises new strategy by March and a zero-tolerance approach
Here’s what women don’t want to happen after the murder of Ashling Murphy
Jennifer O’Connell: ‘Stop giving us advice on how to stay safe. Stop glamourising violent men’
Una Mullally: We either want to use every tool we have to address violence against women or we don’t
The architecture of misogyny that limits women’s freedoms is being dismantled. Yet violence against women persists
Femicide is not due to bad men ‘acting alone’
Seeing wider patterns could inform policy actions required to tackle issue
Miriam Lord: Join the dots, fellas. Help women win this battle
We need to stop the ‘entry-level’ aggression in order to save women’s lives
Women TDs call on men to ‘take stand’ against gender-based violence
Politicians express horror at killing of Offaly teacher Ashling Murphy
‘Ashling Murphy was just going for a run. Tomorrow, some other woman will be just going home’
Jennifer O’Connell: Platitudes don’t keep women safe. We need a national strategy
One-third of homicide victims in 2021 were women
Proportion is highest since 2017, with most allegedly killed by partner or ex-partner
Ashling Murphy killing: Vigils to take place around country
Several hundred attend Galway event to mark murder of young teacher in Offaly
No access to domestic violence refuge in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown – report
Over 2,000 women, girls over 15 in area ‘will experience physical or sexual abuse by a partner’
How counting murders of women changed the law in Italy
Europe Letter: Statistician Sabbadini pioneered measurement of gender inequality
Sex offenders least likely criminals to be caught – CSO
Dublin worst affected area for crime, especially for burglary and theft, data reveals
Covid-19 restrictions have led to ‘shadow pandemic’ of abuse
Domestic abuse groups have outlined the deficiencies in support services to Oireachtas
Women’s council critical of garda’s three-month sentence
Women’s group says term shows domestic violence not taken seriously by courts