Violence against women

Why women are concerned about gender identity ideology

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Puberty blockers

Trans clinics face puberty-blocker ban for under-17s
Transgender clinics could face legal blocks on prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to children aged 16 and under after a landmark judgment this week.If Keira Bell, 23, wins her case on Tuesday, doctors
Transitioning to a medical scandal | Ellen Pasternack and Emily Wheater | The Critic Magazine
Emily Wheater and Ellen Pasternack say the gender change lobby is failing young people who change their mind…
‘Safety failure’ by chemist selling hormones for trans children
A pharmacy that arranged home deliveries of life-changing medication for transgender children which bypassed NHS safeguards has been found to have “system-wide failures” by its regulator.Clear Chemist
Pharmacy damned for delivering puberty blockers to trans children
The prescriptions for puberty blockers were from GenderGP, founded by Helen Webberley, who was fined in 2018 for running an unlicensed transgender clinic from her home in Wales.

Taking of women's places

Anger over trans woman on all-female SNP shortlist
The SNP civil war over its gender recognition proposals has intensified after a trans woman was selected for an all-female shortlist.Mridul Wadhwa, a trans rights activist who has no gender

Attempts to silence women and block uncomfortable truths getting out

Author Abigail Shrier faces threats after warning of trans epidemic
When Abigail Shrier published a book warning of a “trans epidemic plaguing teenage girls”, she was naturally expecting some controversy. It is now at the centre of a furious debate over free speech faces legal action after removing ‘hate speech’ petition that defended dictionary definition of ‘woman’
The site’s owners have been accused of breaching its own terms and conditions as well as infringing the right to freedom of speech
Rosie Duffield: ‘It feels like Gilead where women aren’t allowed to ask questions’
Rosie Duffield got a standing ovation in the House of Commons last year when she revealed her experiences of domestic abuse in a speech that left many of her colleagues in tears. The Labour MP for

Schools and "gender identity"

Government issues gender identity guidance for teachers in England
Pupils must not be told they might be a different gender based on personality or clothes

Lobbying on gender identity

Public bodies pay thousands to join Stonewall’s LGBT ‘diversity champion’ scheme
Hundreds of employers including government agencies and police forces are paying thousands of pounds to become “diversity champions” for Stonewall.The charity, whose transgender policy was recently
Government agencies paying thousands to become ‘Diversity Champions’ for gay-rights charity
Critics claim signing up to policies set by a group lobbying to change the law on gender issues means public bodies cannot be impartial
Dentons campaigns for kids to switch gender without parental approval | RollOnFriday
Advises activists to be secretive

Children and the Tavistock

Can life-changing decisions be left to children?
When Victoria Gillick, a Roman Catholic mother of ten, came across a government circular advocating under-16s be prescribed contraception without parental consent, she was outraged. In 1983, her
NHS’s Tavistock clinic in court battle over gender transition
A woman given hormones by the NHS to change her gender launched a legal challenge today to stop children receiving the same treatment unless ordered by a court.Keira Bell, 23, from Cambridge, who was
Mum in clinic row wants to stop kids making ‘catastrophic’ decisions
‘Mrs A’ fears her 16-year-old daughter will be fast-tracked for transgender medical treatment once she is seen by clinicians at the Gender Identity Development Service in London.

Child gender clinic concerns go back 15 years
Some doctors felt children were referred for puberty blockers too quickly, it has emerged.
Tavistock gender clinic faces court over ‘puberty blockers’ for children
A landmark case to stop the NHS prescribing “experimental” puberty blockers to children who say they want to change their gender is to go ahead after judges gave it the green light last week.One of
Children’s transgender clinic hit by 35 resignations in three years as psychologists warn of gender dysphoria ‘over-diagnoses’
A transgender clinic has been hit by 35 resignations in three years, as psychologists warn of “overdiagnoses” of gender dysphoria among children.
Why I Resigned from Tavistock: Trans-Identified Children Need Therapy, Not Just ‘Affirmation’ and Drugs
It is now ‘transphobic’ to report doctors’ fears about trans’ children’s health | The Spectator
The Times today reports serious concerns about the functioning of the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Lucy Bannerman, the Times reporter, writes: “The Times has spoken to five clinicians who resigned from the service because of concerns o…

Mixed sex provision

Unisex changing rooms put women at danger of sexual assault, data reveals
The vast majority of reported sexual assaults at public swimming pools in the UK take place in unisex changing rooms, new statistics reveal. The data, obtained through a Freedom of Information
Hundreds of vulnerable patients sexually assaulted on NHS wards, data reveals
A loophole in official guidelines means hospitals are still forcing female patients to mix with men on wards


Inmate sues government over keeping trans women in all-female prisons
A prisoner is bringing a legal challenge to the government after claiming that she was sexually assaulted by a transgender inmate at an all-female jail.A judge will hear tomorrow that the policy of
Transgender sex offender jailed for breaking sex harm prevention order
Chloe Walker, 30, who also uses the name Brandon, was jailed for ten months at Northampton Crown Court after breaking a sexual harm prevention order after committing a string of offences.
Ex-prisoner challenges MoJ policy after alleged sexual assault by trans woman | Prisons and probation | The Guardian
High court case will test policy that places transgender women in women’s prisons
Scots trans law is threat to women, says ex-head of prison
A former Scottish prison governor has spoken out against gender reforms that she argues will expose female inmates to higher risk of physical or sexual assault from transgender women.Rhona Hotchkiss
Transgender inmates carried out seven sex attacks on women in jail
Official figures show for the first time the true scale of offending by criminals who were born male but were allowed to move into female jails after changing gender. Convicted rapist Karen White pictured.
One in 50 prisoners identifies as transgender amid concerns inmates are attempting to secure prison perks
One in 50 male offenders in prisons are self-identifying as transgender, according to a survey by the official jail watchdog, amid concerns inmates may be attempting to secure extra perks.

Sexism and young women

Young women who are forced to endure sexism are ‘five times more likely to suffer from clinical depression’
‘I dreaded going to work every morning, and it took its toll on both my mental and physical health, and I became a shell of the person I once was,’ says respondent
The concerns of young women blighted by sexism are dismissed time and again
As the nation debates how to vote with Brexit looming and the violent divides are all-consuming, many important issues have been batted away or ignored. Chief among them is an epidemic of mental ill

Hate crime and "non-crime hate incidents"

Hate Crime Bill would affect freedom of speech in transgender debate – comment
In Parliament last week, the Justice Secretary sought to assure MSPs that the Hate Crime Bill would not be used to criminalise the belief that biological sex is immutable.
Conceptual Confusion in the Law
by Miroslav Imbrišević Scotland is preparing a new law: the Hate Crime Bill. Expressing the view that ‘sex is immutable’, or that ‘transwomen are not women’ will not in itself be criminal, says the…
Police compared to Stasi and Gestapo by judge as he rules they interfered in freedom of speech by investigating ‘non crime’ trans tweet
Judge says that the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller’s workplace “because of his political opinions must not be underestimated”.

Political donations

Puberty-blocker drug firm donated cash to Lib Dems
A pharmaceutical firm that markets drugs used in gender-identity clinics to delay puberty has given £100,000 to the Liberal Democrats.Jo Swinson’s party has already upset feminists, who worry that the