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Why teenage girls are on the front line of the trans war
Fuelled by a lack of government guidance, many say controversial gender ideology is being promoted in schools under the guise of inclusivity
Abusive flasher makes legal history by admitting offences as man and woman
A flasher who hurled pizza and a skateboard during a series of public order offences has broken new legal ground by appearing in court as both a man and a woma
Press regulator is failing women with approach to transgender coverage • Fair Play For Women
Fair Play For Women has reported the inaccurate and misleading use of the word “woman” in ten newspaper headlines to the independent press regulator, IPSO. All our complaints were rejected. Here’s why IPSO is failing women...
Gender-neutral language removed from Ministerial and Other Maternity Allowances Bill
The government has overturned an attempt to introduce gender-neutral language on a piece of legislation that had referred to “expectant people” instead of mot
JENNI MURRAY: We didn’t fight for equality only to be erased
Jenni Murray argues We should never assume that rights, once gained, could never be taken away. We must always remain vigilant  archived version of:

Women are fall guys in self-identification fantasy
The argument over the rights of transgender people and the extent, if any, to which their rights conflict with women’s rights is important on its own terms but
‘The trans movement wants to take away women’s rights’
The trans war on reality
Peter Tatchell: Children have sexual desires at an early age
The prominent gay rights campaigner contributed to and wrote a review of an anthology he later disowned as a ‘pro-paedophilia’ book
Debunking Trans ideology | Podcast | The Critic Magazine
In this episode of The Critic Podcast, Jo Bartosch is joined by Helen Joyce to talk about her new book: Trans. Bartosch and Joyce discuss the ideology of the Trans movement, the influences behind this…
‘Trans widows’ fear being trapped in loveless marriages if gender law changes
Activists want ministers to scrap an agreement that allows women to exit a heterosexual marriage before it legally becomes homosexual
Cancer Research UK: losing “woman” means losing lives
Cervical screening rates have fallen to a 20-year low in England. 5,000,000 women are invited to screening each year in the UK yet 1 in 4 does not attend. Every year more than 3,200 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer & 890 die.

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