Riding for murdered women | Jean Hatchet | The Critic Magazine
It is not illegal for women to ride their bikes together. For the past five years I have undertaken a project called “Ride for Murdered Women”. It started as a small personal tribute to honour the…
Self-ID is a fantasy that hurts trans people
Like other serious crimes of violence, rape is a male crime. This is a judgment of law and of fact. Scots law defines rape as non-consensual penetration with a
Violent crime against women gets the same status as terrorist attacks
Violence against women and girls will be elevated to the same status as terrorism under a proposed government directive, The Times has learnt.Chief constables w
Rape claims soar but charges hit record low
Only one in 15 of all crimes over the past year led to a suspect being charged, official figures have revealed. This has been attributed to a record number o
Daughter of 13-year-old mother raped in 1970s wins justice at last | Rape and sexual assault | The Guardian
Daisy, 45, overcame years of police inaction after persuading her mother to testify against Carvel Bennett
Hundreds of vulnerable patients sexually assaulted on NHS wards, data reveals
A loophole in official guidelines means hospitals are still forcing female patients to mix with men on wards
JK Rowling exposes Twitter troll’s pipe bomb threat
JK Rowling has mocked an online troll who threatened her with a pipe bomb over her views on gender.The author tweeted a screenshot of the death threat as a demonstration of the hate mail she has
Harassing women in street to be a crime under Patel plans
Street harassment such as wolf-whistling could become a specific crime under government plans to protect women and girls.Priti Patel, the home secretary, has pledged to consider the case for a new
Rape suspects can choose to self-identify as female
Rape suspects are able to self-identify as female, it was revealed after a freedom of information request by a feminist policy think-tank.Police Scotland said that if a rape or attempted rape was
Rape victims given the right to ask for female forensic team
Rape victims have the legal right to be treated by female forensic teams before going to the police after a new law was passed at Holyrood last night.A change to the legislation ensured that the