Amateur women are ‘quitting sport after facing male-bodied opponents’
Campaign group Fair Play For Women states that women are dropping out of grassroots and amateur sports, with many participants ‘pressured’ to be silen...
‘Bigoted people may be challenged’: Comments by trans head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis sparks controversy
The head of one of Scotland’s largest rape crisis centres has claimed that “bigoted” people seeking help from her organisation could be “challenged on their pre
BBC did NOT screen live coverage of Laurel Hubbard
The BBC did not broadcast the women’s weightlifting on Day 10 of the Tokyo Olympics live, when transgender New Zealand athlete Laurel Hubbard crashed ...
Health Secretary intervenes over NHS guidance on transgender patients in hospitals
Sajid Javid to investigate whether advice by trusts on admissions to single-sex wards is appropriate
It’s not an anti-trans crusade to be concerned about male sex offenders on female NHS wards
This has nothing to do with transgender people or the ideology around it. It’s about dangerous sexual predators and women’s vulnerability
Patient safety fears as NHS allows trans sex offenders in female-only wards
Concern over guidance which says people can choose which shower and lavatory facilities they use based on the gender they identify with
The shame of BBC Sport | Rob Jessel and Madison Smith | The Critic Magazine
Laurel Hubbard is a woman. If you don’t believe so, you’re a bigot and should be reported to the police for hate crime. That was the message BBC Sport tweeted to its 9.
Scottish Government can ‘ride roughshod’ over equalities law in row over definition of women in new Act
The Scottish Government has breached equality law by expanding the legal definition of the word woman it was claimed, as a judicial review into legislation which aims to make public boards gender balanced got underway.
Concerns raised over Scottish Government’s definition of the word ‘woman’
The definition of the word “woman” in a new law, which aims to achieve equal gender representation on public boards, is inaccurate and could undermine the legislation, it has been claimed.
Making definition of women trans-inclusive is unlawful, court told
Plans to expand the legal definition of the word “women” breach equality law, a senior lawyer has argued.Aidan O’Neill, QC, told a court yesterday that the government’s move to put more women on
Anger over trans woman on all-female SNP shortlist
The SNP civil war over its gender recognition proposals has intensified after a trans woman was selected for an all-female shortlist.Mridul Wadhwa, a trans rights activist who has no gender