School told to transition pupils to their ‘true identity’ or face discrimination claims
There have been warnings that the equalities watchdog, who sent the letter, has been ‘captured’ by gender ideology
The NHS is pushing back against trans ideology
Asleep at the Wheel
Minister set to warn schools over pupils changing gender
Schools are likely to be cautioned by ministers that allowing children to change their names and pronouns can have a significant psychological impact.Rishi Sun
Schools ‘let pupils switch gender without informing parents’
Rishi Sunak has said that he is “very concerned” that schools are routinely allowing children to switch gender without telling parents. A report by Policy Excha
Half of schools turn to outside agencies for sex education
More than half of schools surveyed by the think tank Policy Exchange engaged with agencies to help them deliver sex and relationships education.The agencies mos
Rosie Duffield: Schools are failing in their duty to protect gender-distressed children
It is universally accepted that safeguarding is fundamental to a responsible society. These principles are well-established, enshrined in law, and applicable to
New union to fight race, diversity and gender dogma in schools
Parents, teachers and lecturers have united to found a new education union to resist the teaching of “white privilege and transgender ideology” in schools.Dr St is the archived version of

Gender-change book on Stonewall list for toddlers
A fictional toddler who changes gender against the wishes of their parents features in a reading list aimed at two to four-year-olds published by the LGBT chari
Booklist promoting trans surgery for young teens sparks parental fury
National library scheme includes a book describing a teenager’s breasts as ‘fatty lumps that need to be gone’
Primary teacher to fight legal case after refusal to call female pupil by boy’s name
A primary teacher who was sacked after refusing to call an eight-year-old schoolgirl by a boy’s name or use male pronouns is to fight a legal test case.The tea
Maths teacher sacked after refusing to use pupil’s preferred pronouns
Maths teacher Kevin Lister, 59, was sacked from a Swindon school after refusing to affirm a pupil’s gender change because he wanted to first obtain the permission of the student’s parents.
Trans activists outrage over gender book row
The National Education Union (NEU) has withdrawn a positive review of a children’s book that says there are only two genders
Parents force review of school trans guidance
Ministers are to review contentious guidelines on how schools should deal with gender identity after settling a court case with parents who had been accused of being “transphobic”. The move could lead to the scrapping of the “Cornwall” transgender policies, which advise that schools create gender-ne
Teachers face ‘significant challenges’ to avoid outing trans pupils to parents
Teachers face “significant challenges” trying to avoid accidentally outing trans children to their parents amid a surge in pupils adopting new gender identities.Staff at Queen Anne High School, in
Unisex-only toilets in schools is unlawful, Attorney General says
Suella Braverman, the Government’s chief legal advisor, said schools have a duty of care to offer ‘single-sex toilets’ and hit out at the ‘transitioning of children behind their parents’ backs’.
Schools with only unisex lavatories are acting unlawfully, warns Suella Braverman
Attorney General tells teachers that allowing students to ‘socially transition’ without parents’ consent could be a breach of care
‘Horrendous’ sex education lessons to be investigated by children’s commissioner
The children’s commissioner has told of her shock on learning about the “horrendous” examples of sex education materials used in schools.Dame Rachel de Souza to
Agony of parents with children in the gender ‘cult’
Speaking to The Telegraph, some parents said teachers are affirming children’s new transgender identities without consulting them first
Teachers should not pander to trans pupils, says Suella Braverman
Schools do not have to accommodate children who want to change gender, the attorney-general said.Suella Braverman said that schools are under no legal obligatio

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Girl ‘driven out of school for questioning trans ideology’
A girl who argued that biological sex is real after a talk about transphobia felt forced to leave her school after pupils hounded her for challenging the vie
Parents sue Welsh government over compulsory sex education lessons
Parents are suing the Welsh Government over plans to force children to learn about sex and gender. Four mothers of the Public Child Protection Wales organization have started legal action to overturn a proposal to make RSE lessons compulsory.
Scottish government’s Gender Recognition Reform: Why gender identity is a disaster for our children
Much of the criticism of the Scottish government’s determination to legislate to allow people to choose their own sex has focused on the threat to women’s rights
Girls at Kelso High School have refused to use gender-neutral toilets, councillors are told
Male pupils at Jedburgh Grammar Campus have been seen “waving sanitary products like flags” inside gender-neutral toilets at the school, it was claimed at a meeting today, (Thursday, November 25).
Schoolgirls rejecting mixed toilets over boys’ bad behaviour
Girls are refusing to use gender-neutral toilets at Scottish secondary schools amid reports male pupils have been seen “waving sanitary products like flags” and urinating in sanitary bins.A councillor has raised concerns that several female students have gone days without using toilets on campus due
Parents sue Wisconsin school for letting children change pronouns without their consent
Plaintiffs claim affirmation of students’ gender undermines parents’ role in decision-making
Dad whose child identifies as girl ‘devastated’ over school gender-neutral toilet row
A parent has praised a primary school that was recently embroiled in a row over gender-neutral toilets for accommodating his daughter.
Shelve controversial overhaul of gender recognition laws, Scottish Government urged
Children’s Commissioner says more research must be done to ensure ‘safeguards’ are in place before legal age to change gender is lowered
LGBT+ guide offers advice for primary teachers and pupils
Primary pupils will be taught how to use inclusive pronouns as well as the difference between gender and biological sex in a new guide aimed at curbing bullying
Gender-neutral toilet plans for Coventry secondary school
A letter explaining the move was sent out to parents this week and some are not happy
Scottish four-year-olds can change gender at school without parents’ consent
New inclusivity guidelines say teachers should not question pupils but instead ask them for their new name and pronouns
Scots council reinstates single-sex toilets at school after campaign by parents
An Inconvenient Truth: You say ‘no’ to unisex loos in schools
Rhondda Cynon Taf council reviews trans guidance after row over pupil
Teachers started calling a pupil by a new name without speaking to the parents, their lawyer says.
Scots school forced to make U-turn on unisex toilets after backlash
POLL UPDATE: 94% of readers say unisex-only toilet plan for Inverness school is unacceptable
Culloden Academy pupils return to single sex toilets from today, Monday.
Concern over lack of alternative to unisex toilets at Culloden Academy
‘Just another step towards girls and women’s safe spaces being eroded.’
Pupils force council to reconsider unisex-only toilets at school
Alex Massie: Bad data can never form the basis of good policy
Alex Massie: The Scottish government’s guidance to schools on transgender children is based on flawed data
Guidance to schools on transgender acknowledgement ‘breaches law’
Schools that support a child’s wish to switch gender without informing their parents are potentially breaching the law, according to a respected Scottish lawyer
Mobile phones banned to curb sexual bullying at school
Mobile phones are as addictive as crack cocaine, a head teacher who intends to ban them in school hours has claimed.Jane Lunnon says that the type of pornographic material and the volume of images
Charity accused of selling ‘dangerous’ transgender advice to schools
The Mail on Sunday can reveal that hundreds of primaries, secondaries and colleges - both state and private - have paid up to £1,000 each to join the ...
Nonsuch High School sixth-formers told girls, 11, how to bind breasts
A leading grammar school has been reported to the Department for Education after a newsletter, sent to girls as young as 11, explained how to bind their breasts.Pupils at Nonsuch High School in Cheam
Government issues gender identity guidance for teachers in England
Pupils must not be told they might be a different gender based on personality or clothes