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Medical evidence over trans ideology: welcome to the doctors’ resistance
I was at a talk in London recently when I noticed a man waiting to meet me. He was an inner-city GP, he said, and there was a group that wished to speak to me — had I heard of CAN-SG
How the Tavistock gender clinic ran out of control
It wasn’t easy for Hannah Barnes to get her book published. As the investigations producer for Newsnight and a long-term analytical and documentary journalist,
The Tavistock experiment can never be repeated
Anybody reading the account in The Sunday Times today of the Newsnight journalist Hannah Barnes’s thorough investigation of the Gender Identity Development Service (Gids), based at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London, will be struck by two things
Tavistock scandal ‘on a par with East German doping of athletes’
More than 1,000 children were referred for puberty blockers at an experimental gender clinic where concerns were ignored to preserve a “gold dust” NHS contract,
The ‘holy f***’ moment I knew something was wrong at the Tavistock
Dr Anna Hutchinson, a senior clinical psychologist at Gids and part of the senior team, joined the clinic at the start of 2013 with significant experience from
More than 1,000 children given puberty blockers at Tavistock clinic
The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London will close later this year after being slammed in a report amid scrutiny
Families’ anguish as fear silences debate over ‘Scottish Tavistock’
’I have no trust in the medical services available when it comes to my child’s mental health,” says one father, whose daughter identifies as transgender. “It is

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Gender clinic staff tried to blow whistle over safety
Staff at Scotland’s only gender clinic for children have tried to blow the whistle on the service using official patient safety procedures.Red flags have formal
Children as young as nine prescribed puberty blockers at Sturgeon-backed gender clinic
Sandyford accused of setting young patients off on ‘a medical pathway’, after NHS report into referrals for drug treatment
Gender identity clinics across Scotland secretly use extreme guidelines from controversial trans group
World Professional Association for Transgender Health says teenagers should be able to access sex change surgery without parents’ support

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Most children who think they’re transgender are just going through a ‘phase’, says NHS
Doctors told not to encourage young people to change their names and pronouns
Children buying puberty blockers could be referred to police or social services
NHS proposals would see local authorities alerted when young people obtain hormone therapies on the private market

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The online pharmacies selling ‘DIY’ transitions to children
Teenagers with gender dysphoria are directed to websites where they can illegally buy hormones — no questions asked
Psychiatrist pleads to shut down Sandyford gender clinic in Glasgow
The psychiatrist who blew the whistle on children’s gender services at the Tavistock clinic has called for the equivalent clinic in Scotland to close immediatel
Tavistock child gender clinic forced to close over safety fears
A controversial NHS clinic that led the way in prescribing puberty blockers to children who questioned their gender is being shut down. The gender identity deve

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NHS faces crackdown on giving puberty blockers to children as Tavistock clinic is shut down
Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss say drugs could be restricted amid concerns that youngsters are being ‘rushed’ into changing gender
The Times view on the discredited gender identity service for young people: Clinical Damage
REUTERSThe Tavistock failed to collect data on puberty blockers for those under 16, refused to follow up the effects of its treatments and paid virtually no a
Doctor struck off for prescribing sex change drugs via online clinic
Dr Michael Webberley, who spent 34 years working for the NHS, provided puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones via GenderGP, an online gender clinic which he ran with his wife Helen
Campaigners seek to scrap parental consent from NHS trans treatment
Activists take case to High Court, which if won could ‘dismantle safeguards’ in place regarding prescription of puberty blockers to children
Letter to Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care
When WILL Britain see the danger of giving children puberty blockers?
Britain, amongst other counties, has began debating the rights and wrongs of pumping powerful puberty blockers into young bodies, including some catastrophic injuries.
Doctor who ran online transgender clinic has 36 allegations proved
A doctor from Abergavenny who ran an online clinic for transgender children failed to provide some follow-up care, a medical tribunal has found.
Scotland needs own child gender inquiry, claim GPs
Scotland must hold its own inquiry into the issue of children being given gender hormone treatment, GPs have said.Sajid Javid, the UK health secretary, told
Doctors will be PAID to prescribe hormones to transgender patients
GPs in the UK will be paid £178 for prescribing cross-sex hormone therapy and £91 for providing annual health checks to transgender patients, in the first programme of its kind for the country.
Trans people in Scotland to get quicker access to healthcare
Trans people will be able to access healthcare and seek support to assist with their transition far more quickly as part of a £9 million overhaul to cut waitin
Detransitioned activist takes war on puberty blockers to Supreme Court
Keira Bell, a woman who regrets changing her gender aged 16, is seeking permission to overturn a Court of Appeal ruling allowing an NHS gender clinic to give children hormone drugs.


Gender identity clinic whistleblower wins damages for ‘vilification’
A whistleblower who claims she was “vilified” by an NHS gender identity clinic after raising concerns about the safety of children undergoing treatment has been
NHS gender identity clinic whistleblower wins damages | Transgender | The Guardian
Child safeguarding expert awarded £20,000 after bringing claim against Tavistock and Portman trust
NHS gender clinic whistleblower wins tribunal - BBC News
An employment tribunal rules in favour of a staff member who says bosses treated her unfavourably.
Ruling in first-of-its-kind case will ‘bring comfort’ to young trans people in Northern Ireland
A court ruling that a 16-year-old transgender girl does not require court permission to access hormone blockers will “bring comfort” to other young trans people in Northern Ireland, a solicitor has said. In a judgment handed down in May and published earlier this month, Mrs Justice Siobhan Keegan sa
‘We are causing irreversible damage to children’
Gender clinic doctor’s care ‘failed’
A doctor who ran an unlicensed online gender identity clinic treating children as young as 12 is accused of failing to provide good clinical care to three patients, a tribunal was told.Helen Webberley
GP who ran illegal transgender clinic says she’s ‘fighting for what’s right’
‘Don’t pass judgement until you’ve spoken to these people who are begging us - because you will be converted’
‘Media trans bias and Stonewall sex-ed groomed my son’
Tavistock centre is ‘running a conversion therapy for gay children’
Dr Matt Bristow said he feared that the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust was ignoring the possibility that boys and girls who told clinicians they wanted to change their sex might simply be homosexual.
Tavistock gender clinic ‘converting’ gay children
A gay psychologist who worked at the NHS’s only gender transition clinic for children spoke of his fears that the clinic was running “conversion therapy for gay kids”.Dr Matt Bristow said he feared
Whistleblower is suing NHS’s only child gender clinic
Sonia Appleby, 62, claims her bosses’ actions left her unable to fulfil her role as a Named Professional for Safeguarding Children at Tavistock and Portman NHS Centre.

Puberty blockers: NHS to set up independent review group
The group will assess the prescription of puberty blockers for under-16s, NHS England says.
NHS adviser to review hormone use on young
A warning over the health impacts of giving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to young people struggling with gender identity has prompted a call for a review of their use in Scotland.The
The crisis at the Tavistock’s child gender clinic
A number of reports have raised concerns about the country’s only NHS gender clinic for young people.
Health board ‘misled young patients’ over puberty drug
Scotland’s biggest health board has been accused of misleading young transgender patients and their families over the potential effects of puberty- suppressing drugs.Newly-released documents show that
Exclusive: Online clinic willing to prescribe sex change drugs to children without asking them to talk to doctor
GenderGP doctor tells reporters posing as parents of 12-year-old that he may be able to obtain drugs after appointments with counsellor
How children can order life-altering transgender drugs from their bedroom
Online healthcare clinic uses loophole to flout NHS rules and prescribe sex change drugs to under 16s without parental consent
Puberty blockers ‘stunt bone growth of children’
Puberty blockers stunted the height and impaired the bone mass density of children wishing to change gender, researchers have found.The study followed 44 children, aged 12-15, who had treatment for
Review of ICGP Guide for trans care in Ireland
Suspended GP vows to keep prescribing ‘puberty blockers’
Helen Webberley, of Abergavenny, said she will go against the ruling to offer children the ‘experimental’ treatment
‘Children have been very seriously damaged’ by NHS gender clinic, says former Tavistock staff governor
Dr David Bell wrote an internal report in 2018, raising the concerns brought to him by colleagues about the way the Gender Identity Development Service was treating patients.
Concerns after teenagers reportedly given sex-change drugs after ‘one-hour session’ at private clinic
GenderCare accepts patients from 18 years old and charges up to £300 for a first appointment
The testimony that led High Court judge to ban child puberty blockers
The shocking evidence that convinced a High Court judge to effectively ban an NHS gender clinic from giving puberty-blocking drugs to children can be revealed for the first time today.
Use of drugs to block puberty in trans children ‘to be reconsidered’
The distribution of drugs that block puberty in children planning to transition to another sex looks set to be reviewed.Jeane Freeman, the health secretary, said that the Scottish government would

Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier review — resisting the ‘transgender craze’
A thought experiment . . . Specialists treating a rare disorder observe a profound change in their patient base. Historically it is 90 per cent male until a recent sudden surge in female referrals who

Five downloadable articles by Dr Michael Biggs here:

The Tavistock’s Experimentation with Puberty Blockers
Bell v Tavistock in the High Court: an explainer
Puberty Blockers and Consent to Treatment: an Analysis of the High Court’s Ruling — FiLiA
<p>The FiLiA 2018 conference brings together sisters taking down patriarchy, fighting injustices across the world, fighting violence towards women, pay disparity, discrimination against refugees, racism, classism. No topic is taboo. All are welcome.</p>
Puberty drugs still prescribed to children in Scotland
Children will continue to receive puberty-blocking drugs in Scotland despite English courts ruling that under-16s are too immature to decide to change their gender.Calls have been made for the
The Observer view on the high court’s ruling on puberty blocking drugs for children | Observer editorial
The court was correct to halt a disturbing trend among clinicians to assume those as young as 10 were fit to make life-altering decisions about gender identity
Online clinic GenderGP ignores ruling on puberty blockers
A private clinic set up by a suspended GP has vowed to keep prescribing puberty blockers to children despite a High Court ruling that under 16s are unlikely to be able to fully consent to the
Puberty Blocking — can a child consent?
Puberty blockers: Under-16s ‘unlikely to be able to give informed consent’
Children younger than 16 are unlikely to be able to give informed consent, three judges rule.
Children ‘must understand nature of treatment’ before taking puberty blockers, High Court rules
Tavistock and Portman trust says puberty blockers are rarely used in treating children under 13
High Court rules on puberty blockers at transgender clinics
Keira Bell, a 23-year-old woman who began taking puberty blockers when she was 16 before ‘detransitioning’, brought legal action against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.
Trans clinics face puberty-blocker ban for under-17s
Transgender clinics could face legal blocks on prescribing puberty-blocking drugs to children aged 16 and under after a landmark judgment this week.If Keira Bell, 23, wins her case on Tuesday, doctors
Transitioning to a medical scandal | Ellen Pasternack and Emily Wheater | The Critic Magazine
Emily Wheater and Ellen Pasternack say the gender change lobby is failing young people who change their mind…
Safety fear over chemist that posted drugs to trans children
A pharmacy that arranged home deliveries of life-changing medication for transgender children which bypassed NHS safeguards has been found to have “system-wide failures” by its regulator.Clear Chemist
Pharmacy damned for delivering puberty blockers to trans children
The prescriptions for puberty blockers were from GenderGP, founded by Helen Webberley, who was fined in 2018 for running an unlicensed transgender clinic from her home in Wales.