Andrew Miller: trans butcher admits abduction and sex assault of girl, 11
A transgender butcher has admitted abducting a primary schoolgirl while dressed as a woman before sexually assaulting her at his home.Andrew Miller, who is also known as Amy George and claims to be in
Six in ten trans prisoners in Scotland switched gender in jail
More than 60 per cent of transgender prisoners in Scotland began transitioning only after they were locked up, it has been revealed.Data obtained under Freedom
New transgender prisoner policy comes into force
Transgender women with male genitalia will no longer be able to be held in mainstream women’s prisons, under new measures coming into force today.
Female prison guards ordered to strip search trans Scots convict Tiffany Scott
Staff at Low Moss male prison claim their human rights went “out the window”.
Nicola Sturgeon: No apology over transgender prisoner row
Scotland’s first minister insists the government is dealing with the “difficult issues” in an “appropriate” way.
Violent trans prisoners blocked from women’s jails in Scotland pending ‘urgent review’
Violent trans inmates will be blocked from all female jails in Scotland until the conclusion of an “urgent review” into all cases, the SNP justice secretary and
Calls for rethink on gender ID after case of trans rapist Jessica Winfield
Scottish ministers face calls for a rethink on self-identification reform after it emerged that a double rapist has been granted a gender recognition certificate.
Two assaults by trans inmates on female prisoners in eight years
Scottish prison staff say only two assault claims have been made against trans women inmates since a controversial gender self-identification policy was adopted
Judge sends serial sex abuser born male to women’s prison
Sally Dixon, 58, carried out offences against seven children from 1989 to 1996 while she was a man. She has been sentenced to 18 years in a women’s prison with two years extended license.
Prison policy under scrutiny after rise in transgender inmates
The transgender prison population in Scottish jails has increased by four to sixteen in the last quarter. The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) said there were 11
Trans criminals could be put in units based on their ‘acquired gender’
Campaigners have described elements of the draft new guidance as ‘troubling’ and ‘risky’ due to concern over male-born 10 to 18-year-olds being housed with girls.
Scottish prison officials ‘can weed out’ inmates abusing trans rights
A senior prisons official has said the service will be able to screen people seeking to abuse reforms to gender recognition laws.Under current Scottish Prison S
Police are calling transgender rape suspects by their ‘preferred pronoun’, report finds
Self-declaration of ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex has been adopted by all key criminal justice institutions, think tank says
Justice system ‘puts trans rights ahead of women’
Women are being failed by the criminal justice system because it is too focused on transgender rights, a report claims.The work for the Policy Exchange think ta
Anger as trans inmates revert to males when they leave Scottish prisons
Concern after new research suggested that men who changed their gender to female in jail are switching back to their birth gender after release.
‘I was sexually assaulted by a transgender rapist in a women’s jail’
Waiving her anonymity in an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Cheryle Kempton is the first victim to speak out in the hope that it prevents other women facing a similar fate.
Self ID plan ‘will hit rape convictions’
Allowing the crimes of rapists who are biologically male to be attributed to women will do nothing to improve Scotland’s conviction rate for serious sexual assa
Female prison staff ‘uneasy’ about intimate searches of trans inmates
Female prison officers in Scotland have revealed that they are uncomfortable at being forced to search transgender prisoners who still have male genitalia, a du
Secure units for prisoners who are trans
The former Scottish justice secretary has called for “separate secure prison units” for violent sexual offender who are transgender.Kenny MacAskill’s appeal com
Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units
Female prisoners in Scottish jails have told how transgender inmates serving sentences alongside them switched back to their male birth gender after being rele
Why gender self-identification should not apply in Scotland’s prisons – Kenny MacAskill MSP
I’ve written before about women in prison with their specific needs and the dangers posed by policies allowing for gender self-identification.
Trans sex offenders are moved into women’s jails
Twelve trans prisoners convicted of violence or sexual crimes have been accommodated in Scottish women’s jails within the past 18 months, according to figures
Women prisoners who call transgender inmates ‘he’ or ‘him’ face extra jail time
Under equality rules, offenders who use terms deemed ‘threatening, abusive or insulting’ could have additional days added to their sentence
PE1876_H Professor Alice Sullivan submission of 27 August 2021
Professor Alice Sullivan submission of 27 August 2021 in relation to PE1876/H: Accurately record the sex of people charged or convicted of rape or attempted rape
Prison for serious sex offenders to distribute pronoun badges during National Inclusion Week
The Category B men’s prison is currently home to a plethora of highly dangerous criminals
Gender identity badges handed out at sex offender prison HMP Isle of Wight
A prison that holds criminals convicted of sexual offences is handing out gender pronoun badges as part of an inclusion drive. HMP Isle of Wight, whose former inmates include the paedophile Gary Glitter, announced the measure as it began its Inclusion Week, which starts today. The prison, which comb
HMP Isle of Wight is issuing badges to inmates to express their preferred gender pronouns as part of a gender identity inclusion week. The move, which aims to promote inclusivity amongst the prison community, has received mixed reviews from commenters online - including the Chairman of the Commons …
Women’s prisons and male transgender prisoners* - Woman’s Place UK
The High Court ruling on the presence of male transgender prisoners in women’s prisons exposed that the law does not work for women.
The court judgement that confirms women pay for trans rights | The Spectator
I am coming out of semi-retirement from writing about sex and gender to write this, because it’s about women in prison, a group that desperately need more attention from people interested in politics and policy. The High Court has been considering the question of transgender women (i.e. people who…
Housing transgender women in female prisons is lawful, court rules
Judges side with Government after woman prisoner complained that placing transgender offenders in female prisons puts other inmates at risk
Seven sex attacks in women’s jails by transgender convicts
Transgender prisoners are five times more likely to carry out sex attacks on inmates at women’s jails than other prisoners are, official figures show.Male prisoners who were transferred to women’s
Ex-prisoner challenges MoJ policy after alleged sexual assault by trans woman
High court case will test policy that places transgender women in women’s prisons by retired Prison Governor Rhona Hotchkiss, December 10th 2020

Inmate sues government over keeping trans women in all-female prisons
A prisoner is bringing a legal challenge to the government after claiming that she was sexually assaulted by a transgender inmate at an all-female jail.A judge will hear tomorrow that the policy of
Transgender sex offender jailed for breaking sex harm prevention order
Chloe Walker, 30, who also uses the name Brandon, was jailed for ten months at Northampton Crown Court after breaking a sexual harm prevention order after committing a string of offences.
Scots trans law is threat to women, says ex-head of prison
A former Scottish prison governor has spoken out against gender reforms that she argues will expose female inmates to higher risk of physical or sexual assault from transgender women.Rhona Hotchkiss
Transgender inmates carried out seven sex attacks on women in jail
Official figures show for the first time the true scale of offending by criminals who were born male but were allowed to move into female jails after changing gender. Convicted rapist Karen White pictured.
One in 50 prisoners identifies as transgender amid concerns inmates are attempting to secure prison perks
One in 50 male offenders in prisons are self-identifying as transgender, according to a survey by the official jail watchdog, amid concerns inmates may be attempting to secure extra perks.