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Rishi Sunak says no women have a penis and pledges to protect single-sex spaces
In interview with the ConservativeHome website, Prime Minister says biological sex is ‘vitally important’ archived version of

Biological women set to be protected by change to equality law
The Prime Minister wants to ‘bring legal clarity’ to an issue that has become mired in fear, confusion and accusations of bigotry
YouGov poll says 4 per cent of women support gender-neutral toilets
The findings from the YouGov poll suggest the rise in gender-neutral public loos, which has become a battleground for trans rights lobbyists and feminists, is against the grain of public sentiment.
Christian group Iona Institute branded ‘extremist and hateful’ considers legal action
The Iona Institute has said that its inclusion on a list of alleged “far-right hate and extremist groups” in Ireland is extremely defamatory and it is examining
Care home fined £128,000 after resident assaulted by rapist
The care home provider and manager have both been told to pay out hefty sums after the devastating failure
Fulbourn Hospital criticised in CQC findings
A Cambridgeshire psychiatric unit failed to report an alleged “serious sexual assault” says a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
Trans NHS worker wins discrimination case over underwear comment
The transgender woman was asked by her manager at Northern General Hospital (pictured) in Sheffield whether she wore underwear at work or ‘if she wore it in general’.
JK Rowling defends 16-year-old girl denied women-only care in toilets
The parents of the 16 year-old girl, who has severe learning disabilities, were told two years ago the school was replacing it ‘same-sex’ intimate care policy with a ‘cross-gender’ policy.
Toilets matter | Raquel Rosario Sánchez | The Critic Magazine
In May 2016, the Obama administration issued a federal guidance instructing public schools that students should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they felt comfortable with, regardless of their sex.
Down the pan: 98% of public want to keep single-sex toilets
Some 97 per cent of those questioned said single-sex spaces were important to them, and 95 per cent said they would want to be able to insist on a woman carer for an elderly female relative who needed help.

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Compulsory single-sex loos are an unexpected victory for common sense
The Government has made this welcome small step – now how about we turn it into a giant leap and protect the rights of women and girls?
‘Transphobic’ toilet policy to be announced, say reports
New building regulations will demand separate WCs for males and females rather than gender-neutral facilities
‘That monster was left to be alone with my wife’
The husband has spoken out after the care home manager at the HICA group failed to safeguard his wife
New schools and offices told to build separate female lavatories
Schools, hospitals, theatres and office buildings under construction must include separate lavatories for men and women, a government minister has ordered.Kemi
Single-sex lavatories to be mandatory in all new public buildings
Kemi Badenoch, the equalities minister, insisted it is legal and ‘important’ to provide separate facilities for men and women
Pull chain on unisex school loos, say activists
Gender-neutral lavatories in Scottish schools breach equality law, according to a leading QC, amid claims that female pupils have been harassed and intimidat

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Rape victim sues crisis centre after transgender woman allowed to join ‘female-only’ therapy group
The Survivors’ Network, which has received over £100,000 in government funding, says services are available to any ’self-identifying woman’
The Only Way Is Unisex: Fury over gender-neutral toilets in Brentwood
The town where The Only Way is Essex is filmed is at the centre of a trans rights row - after a £7million children’s play area was fitted with gender-neutral toilets.
NHS mutiny AGAINST ‘transphobic’ single-sex space watchdog ruling
Around 100 women have gathered in Parliament Square to form a new campaign arguing for single sex spaces that exclude trans women. They chanted the name of the campaign - ‘Respect my sex if you want my X’.

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Hospital told police patient was not raped because alleged attacker was transgender
Assault was confirmed through CCTV and witnesses despite previous denials, Lords told, as debate on single-sex wards policy continues
A ‘trans advocate’ is carrying out an NHS review into mixed wards
Dr Michael Brady has allegedly written to campaign groups and told them he has ‘no plans to reduce the existing rights of transgender people’ during the process, which began in December.
Women patients’ dignity and safety ‘diminished’ by NHS imposing trans rights
Female hospital patients’ dignity, privacy and safety is being “diminished significantly” by the imposition of transgender rights in the health service, it has been warned at Westminster.

Nurses 'sacked for speaking out about transgender patients on single-sex wards Group of girls’ schools says they will not accept transgender pupils and “jeopardise” their status as single-sex institutions

School backlash after parents complain over gender-neutral toilets
Parents claim the decision was made without warning or consultation, and the school has since been forced to make a U-turn
Primary school scraps gender-neutral lavatories after parent backlash
Parents force Moredon Primary School in Swindon into U-turn amid claims they were not informed of changes to the facilities
‘Bigoted people may be challenged’: Comments by trans head of Edinburgh Rape Crisis sparks controversy
The head of one of Scotland’s largest rape crisis centres has claimed that “bigoted” people seeking help from her organisation could be “challenged on their pre
“Reframe your trauma” | Josephine Bartosch | The Critic Magazine
Amanda (not her real name) was sexually assaulted in 2005 by a former partner. She told me: “For a time, I was fearful of all men. I even struggled to spend time with the supportive men in my life.
Trans sex offenders can go on women’s wards, hospitals advise
Male-born sex offenders who identify as women can be treated on female-only NHS wards after a risk assessment, some hospital trusts have told staff.Devon, Oxf
Social worker jailed after sex with vulnerable girl in care home
A social care worker who had sex with a vulnerable teenager he was supposed to be looking after in a local authority home has been jailed for 17 months.Michael Wilkinson, 32, was also placed on the

Exclusive: Return of ladies and gents lavatories, as ministers tell a…
archived 15 May 2021 22:12:27 UTC
‘Gents’ and ‘ladies’ toilets will be required in ALL public buildings
Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick is to rewrite planning regulations to enshrine separate men’s and women’s stalls in new buildings and demand partitions be installed in current unisex facilities.
Pupils are missing school because they don’t like mixed sex toilets
‘Period shaming’ is one of the main issues
A school in Cardiff has installed gender neutral toilets
The head teacher at Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School said the toilets were designed as gender neutral for practical and not political reasons
Lochside Academy’s head teacher quizzed over ‘damaging’ social media claims about pupils’ behaviour
Unisex loos at new £47m Scots school could be ripped out over privacy fears
Pupils at Lochside Academy are to be quizzed about the controversial facilities after complaints.
Scottish Election 2021: Labour pledges to reinstate women-only hospital wards
Scottish Labour has committed to reverse a move towards mixed-sex hospital wards, and to protect single-sex sports to encourage women and girls to compete.
Unisex changing rooms put women at danger of sexual assault, data reveals
The vast majority of reported sexual assaults at public swimming pools in the UK take place in unisex changing rooms, new statistics reveal.
Hundreds of vulnerable patients sexually assaulted on NHS wards, data reveals
A loophole in official guidelines means hospitals are still forcing female patients to mix with men on wards