New book offers look trans-activism including toddlers transitioning
Helen Joyce, who is Britain editor for the Economist, was prompted to write Trans after speaking with detransitioners who compare their experience to being ‘in a cult’.
‎FiLiA: Helen Joyce on Trans on Apple Podcasts
Dr Helen Joyce, author, journalist and editor at The Economist, joins the FiLiA podcast to discuss her newly-released book Trans. An in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of gender identity theory, Helen writes about how these ideas impact our ability to speak about biological sex and what these de…
Debunking Trans ideology | Podcast | The Critic Magazine
In this episode of The Critic Podcast, Jo Bartosch is joined by Helen Joyce to talk about her new book: Trans. Bartosch and Joyce discuss the ideology of the Trans movement, the influences behind this…
Warnings that organisations’ policy could breach laws on trans rights
A row over transgender rights has prompted warnings that private and public organisations in Scotland are at risk of breaching equality laws.Stonewall promotes a “champions” scheme that helps hundreds
Human rights body leaves Stonewall diversity scheme
The Equality and Human Rights Commission says the LGTB group’s scheme is not “best value for money”.
Britain’s equalities watchdog quits Stonewall ‘woke’ workplace scheme
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has quit Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme amid claims it encourages a ‘culture of fear’ among workers who disagree with transgender policies.
MurrayBlackburnMackenzie: Greens’ commitment to enshrining Yogyakarta principles needs scrutiny
Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie of MurrayBlackburnMackenzie cast a critical eye over the Yogyakarta principles. Launched last week, the Scottish Green Party manifesto sets out a commitment to “enshrining the Yogyakarta human rights principles into Scots law”, as part of its…
The trans rights that trump all | Julie Bindel and Melanie Newman | The Critic Magazine
Julie Bindel and Melanie Newman say women’s rights were not considered in legislation that allows trans people to effectively decide their own gender…
Public bodies pay thousands to join Stonewall’s LGBT ‘diversity champion’ scheme
Hundreds of employers including government agencies and police forces are paying thousands of pounds to become “diversity champions” for Stonewall.The charity, whose transgender policy was recently
Government agencies paying thousands to become ‘Diversity Champions’ for gay-rights charity
Critics claim signing up to policies set by a group lobbying to change the law on gender issues means public bodies cannot be impartial
Dentons campaigns for kids to switch gender without parental approval | RollOnFriday
Advises activists to be secretive