Suella Braverman berates Sussex police in ‘misgender’ row over sex offender
The home secretary condemned a police force last night that had warned social media users not to “misgender” a convicted paedophile who identified as a woman
Priti Patel tells ‘woke’ police to get back to basics
Focus on traditional policing, says Home Secretary, as report calls for end to ‘partisan’ causes
Women can be strip-searched by trans officers who were born male
The existence of the guidance has only come to light following the intrepid work of Cathy Larkman (pictured), a police officer who rose to the rank of superintendent before retiring last year.
Police interview charity chief Nicola Murray after tweet ending referrals to Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre
The founder of a charity supporting women who have suffered domestic violence has been interviewed by police after she was reported for hate crime after stressing its female-only services. Nicola Murray was left “shocked and panicky” when detectives arrived at her door after an online announcement b
Police seize ‘anti-trans’ book from activist Jennifer Swayne in raid on home
Police have arrested a women’s rights campaigner for an alleged hate crime and seized an academic book from her home after she put up posters “directed towards
Free speech victory for trans tweet ex-policeman Harry Miller at Appeal Court
A retired policeman visited by his local force after tweeting about transgender rights has won a court battle over free speech after judges said that his treatm
Yes Officer | Sarah Phillimore | The Critic Magazine
The police are diving into political waters with great gusto. Throw a stick at any police Twitter account, and you will hit an egregious example of active political campaigning. One of the worst I…
The policing of ‘non-crimes’ and the dark side of rainbow cars | The Spectator
The great awokening of the British constabulary has got to be the most curious and infuriating part of our culture war. While knife crime continues to rise, an inordinate amount of police time now seems to be taken up by various virtue-signalling initiatives. Take the rise of ‘rainbow cars’. For som…
Police pin hopes on ‘rainbow cars’ to drive out hate crime
Forces across the UK add a splash of colour to their fleet to encourage people to report racist, homophobic and transphobic incidents
Chilling Effect: How the Hate Crime bill threatens free speech
The legislation must be clearer about what is not intended to be criminalised, writes Lucy Hunter Blackburn
Hate Crime Bill: Humza Yousaf proposes detailed guidelines to quell fears over freedom of speech
Scotland’s justice secretary Humza Yousaf has moved to reassure women with concerns over his controversial Hate Crime Bill by suggesting the Scottish Government would print “detailed explanatory notes” on freedom of expression provisions when the final Bill is published.
Scottish misogyny law must protect all women, says Helena Kennedy
QC discusses the task ahead as she begins her scrutiny into whether Scotland needs a separate offence of misogynist abuse
Woke Britain sees record number of free speech complaints
A CAMPAIGN group set up a year ago to protect free speech in Britain is now dealing with 20 new cases a week for individuals who have been punished for speaking their minds.
Police log 120,000 ‘hate reports’ - but not ONE is a crime
Critics say the practice of logging ‘non-crime hate incidents’, even after officers decided what was said or posted online did not break any laws, has a ‘chilling effect on free speech’.
Schoolgirl, 14, plans free speech fight with police over hate rules
The girl, 14, is threatening a judicial review after guidance from the London-based College of Policing said police should keep a record of ‘non-criminal hate incidents’.
Girl, 14, takes on police over pupils’ right to free speech
Police face legal action over an attempt to record non-criminal hate incidents involving children in schools — described as having a “chilling effect” on freedom of speech.The Times has learnt that
Hate Crime Bill would affect freedom of speech in transgender debate – comment
In Parliament last week, the Justice Secretary sought to assure MSPs that the Hate Crime Bill would not be used to criminalise the belief that biological sex is immutable.
Police compared to Stasi and Gestapo by judge as he rules they interfered in freedom of speech by investigating ‘non crime’ trans tweet
Judge says that the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller’s workplace “because of his political opinions must not be underestimated”.