Reinstate word ‘woman’ on web advice, NHS urged
Health workers have urged the NHS to reinstate the word “woman” on web pages about cancer and pregnancy.At least 19 pages on its website that are specific to wo
Civil service trying to ‘erase women’ with gender neutral language in new laws, ministers warn
Downing Street is preparing a crackdown on the spread of ‘militant wokery’ in Whitehall
Neutral language in cervical smear campaign ‘risks effectiveness’
Ministers at Holyrood have been told that they risk the effectiveness of a public health campaign if they urge “anyone with a cervix” to take a smear test rathe
Pregnancy charity defies trans activists by keeping the word ‘women’
Feminist campaigners call move ‘hugely significant’ as BPAS prioritises best interests of ‘majority of those using our services’
Breastfeeding is now chestfeeding: Why are the language police trying to wipe out women?
When designing the constitution, America’s founders feared democracy’s natural pitfall: the tyranny of the majority. They were leery of the ignorant masses and, originally, voting was largely
Brighton NHS Trust introduces new trans-friendly terms
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust said it won’t exclude “the language of motherhood”.

Can ‘eight in 10 people’ really get pregnant?
Thurrock women with learning difficulties missing out on vital cervix screenings
Women with learning disabilities in Thurrock are missing out on getting a vital cervical screening, figures suggest.