Trans activism before medical standards | Stephanie Davies-Arai | The Critic Magazine
The first few months of 2022 have been eventful and revealing in terms of how we treat children and young people experiencing gender-related distress. To anyone paying attention…
Government set to ditch LGBT conference amid trans row over conversion therapy ban
Boris Johnson will abandon plans for an equality conference after more than 100 leading organisations pulled out over the government’s decision to exclude trans

Banning Conversion Therapy: Our Submission
Gays against the conversion therapy ban | Rob Jessel and Hassan Mamdani | The Critic Magazine
Gay men against the conversion therapy ban? Is it April already? Or just a bunch of self-hating homosexuals who think electrodes, beatings and prayer are the best way to protect kids from the…
Fact not fiction | Maya Forstater | The Critic Magazine
At the end of last year I wrote an article that surveyed the gender wars: the battlefield of lost jobs, workplace bullying, employment tribunals, police visits, arrests and wrongful convictions…
Conversion therapy ban will face tough opposition
In October, nearly three years after pledging to ban conversion therapy — which broadly refers to counselling that is designed to change a person’s sexual ori
The Government’s attempt to ban conversion therapy is ham-fisted
Under the proposed new law, therapists would be unable to have an open conversation with children presenting with gender dysphoria
Experts fear unintended consequences from ‘gay conversion’ therapy ban
Experts fear a new law - aimed at sparing gay people from cruel ‘conversion therapy’ - could be used to end legitimate discussions with young people who want hormone treatment.
Urging change of gender to be criminalised
Adults who try to persuade children to change their gender will face criminal sanctions under government plans
Is there evidence of an urgent epidemic of conversion therapy?
Actor Simon Callow attacks Stonewall, the LGBTQ+ group, over trans self-identification
Simon Callow, the actor and veteran gay rights campaigner, has condemned the “strange turn to the tyrannical” taken by Stonewall on self-identification for tra
Government says conversion therapy ban must not impact on “the independence and confidence of clinicians” to support those with gender dysphoria, reports Jo Bartosch
Government accused of ‘burying’ conversion therapy report
Boris Johnson vowed to ban the “abhorrent” practice - but an official report on it has yet to appear.

Exclusive: British Psychological Society faces Charity Commission probe
Claims of poor governance and silencing of academic dissent amid concern over argument for prescription rights

Conversion therapy ban ‘would criminalise Christian parents stopping children seeking transgender treatment’
Leading QC and Church of England minister say proposed ban would ‘close down freedom of speech, conscience and religion’