Enoch Burke may be sent to prison over defiance of suspension and court order
The chapel at Wilson’s Hospital School in Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath, was packed with pupils, staff, parents and clergy for a service last June. The occasion was both solemn and celebratory, marking the Church of Ireland diocesan boarding school’s 260th anniversary.
Chaplain sacked for defending students’ right to question school LGBT policies
Pastor sues college and Church after he was deemed a risk to children following a sermon when he said marriage was between a man and a woman
Lecturer claims she was sacked after saying drag acts are sexist
Cathy Boardman alleges she has been discriminated against but BIMM Institute claims that facts are missing from her account
Cathy Boardman: Lecturer in trans row sues over ‘sacking’
A lecturer is suing a music academy over claims that she was forced out of her job because of her stance on trans issues, which included asking students to consider whether drag acts could be seen as sexist.Cathy Boardman, 43, was allegedly described as transphobic by students at Brighton Institute
Edinburgh Fringe comic spat on and shunned for show about women
Exclusive: Ignored by colleagues and spat at on the street, award-winning comedian Elaine Miller says free speech is under attack in Scotland
Academics accused of ‘witch hunt’ against staff over gender beliefs
Members of the University and College Union (UCU) vowed to draw up a list of university backroom staff they suspected of having ‘gender-critical beliefs’, according to leaked meeting minutes.
Ex-Stonewall chief aims to rewrite Oxford University free speech rules
‘Oxford Free Speech Forum’ convenes just as Government prepares to pass legislation to stamp out censorship on campuses
Gender fluidity critic Maya Forstater thanks Rowling after tribunal win
A researcher faced discrimination and victimisation at work over her belief that men cannot become women, a tribunal has ruled.The landmark employment law decis
BBC ‘altered gender in trans rape claim’
The BBC changed the testimony of a rape victim after a debate over the pronouns of her transgender attacker, The Times has learnt.The woman referred to her al
JK Rowling backs feminist campaigner who was ‘assaulted’ by balaclava-clad trans activists
Aleks Kovacevic says she was threatened with arrest by Greater Manchester Police after a scuffle broke out at statue of Emmeline Pankhurst

https://archive.ph/13Mp3 is the archived version of

‘I questioned why children were being encouraged to transition – and it cost me my dream career’
James Esses had volunteered at Childline for five years but that counted for nothing when he shared concerns over their gender ideology...
EXCLUSIVE Lawyers split over their firms’ gender identity policies
Vice-chancellors told to promote free speech or ‘be on the wrong side of history’
Michelle Donelan, the universities minister, says institutions can no longer ‘shy away’ from ‘the intolerant mob’ who are stopping debate
Gender event off after trans activists attack ‘extreme’ views
An NHS child psychiatrists’ conference on gender dysphoria was cancelled after transgender rights activists accused speakers of “extremism”.

https://archive.is/O1ao1 is archived version of:

Great Ormond Street cancels trainee doctor conference over trans ‘safety’ complaints
Zoom conference descended into chaos as trans activists refused to appear alongside gender-critical speakers

https://archive.is/nHZjo archived version of:

‘Wrong sort of lesbians’ blocked from debating SNP trans reforms
Gay rights activist claims that critics of Nicola Sturgeon’s gender change proposals are being ‘excluded from political process’
Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman says left-wing media bows down to trans bullies
One of the country’s leading columnists has appeared to take a swipe at her employer for capitulating to “left-wing bullies” who have restricted critical discus
To ‘she’ or not to ‘she’: will you put pronouns on your emails?
It’s the biggest question in modern email etiquette. Should you add your pronouns — he/him, she/her, they/them; ze/hir or one of an increasing number of expres
Activists pursue academics who want university to cut Stonewall ties
Academics at Cardiff University who signed a letter raising concerns about freedom of speech in relation to transgender rights have had their names and photos
https://archive.is/ZVmr6 12th February 2022
Disabled campaigner for women’s rights is arrested for ‘hate crime’
Jennifer Swayne, 53, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and detained until the early hours of the morning, while police officers executed a search warrant on her property, confiscating a book.
Labour MP Rosie Duffield threatens to quit over trans row abuse
The Labour MP Rosie Duffield was on the verge of quitting the party last night after accusing Sir Keir Starmer of failing to support her as she suffered “obsess

"Lords standards commissioner accused of ‘sinister’ attempt to silence peers who voiced trans prisoner concerns" - The Telegraph, 20/1/2022 https://archive.fo/5iCwD?s=09



Rosie Kay: I resigned from my own dance company after I was accused of transphobia
Choreographer Rosie Kay has never shied away from controversial subjects. Her ballet MK Ultra addressed conspiracy theorists; her award-winning 5 Soldiers, insp
Critics of trans reforms ‘need greater protection’
Critics of transgender activists should be given beefed-up legal protection to ensure freedom of expression, law reform experts have advised ministers. Recommendations published today by the Law Commission were welcomed by women’s rights campaigners who claim to have been victimised over their so-ca
GP suspended over ‘offensive’ tweets to people who oppose trans rights
A GP’s registration was suspended yesterday after he admitted using his Twitter account to post offensive language about people who opposed his pro-transgender
Deafening silence on hounding of JK Rowling
JK Rowling, perhaps this country’s most renowned full-time resident, reported last Monday that her home had been targeted by trans-rights activists
Kathleen Stock: Colleagues poisoned students against me in transgender debate
Former Sussex University professor believes her views were ‘radically’ misrepresented in vindictive campaign to ‘trash’ her reputation
The new Puritans are killing satire and debate
The typical print run for an academic book is around 500 copies, so until recently the works of Professor Kathleen Stock were unlikely to be read by more than a
It isn’t the police’s job to stop people being offended
Today, the House of Lords debates regulations to control the creation of police records on people who have committed no crimes. In the frame are “non-crime hate
Kathleen Stock resigns from University of Sussex after trans rights row
An academic who was subjected to “bullying and harassment” by her students because of her views on transgender rights has resigned.Professor Kathleen Stock, a
Legal academics defend Professor Kathleen Stock
Legal academics, including many from Scottish universities, have written to the University of Sussex in support of Professor Kathleen Stock, “for her academic work and public interventions on the questions surrounding the legal recognition of sex and gender identity.” Professor Stock, a philosophy…
A battle of gender-identity pronouns
Law news — from a Sex Matters guide for employees and bosses on the use of gender pronouns to anti-money laundering measures
200 academics tell of death threats and abuse as battle rages for free speech
Dr Shereen Benjamin, a senior lecturer in primary education at the University of Edinburgh, has been compared to a eugenicist and a white supremacist. Comp
Women prisoners who call transgender inmates ‘he’ or ‘him’ face extra jail time
Under equality rules, offenders who use terms deemed ‘threatening, abusive or insulting’ could have additional days added to their sentence
Professor hits back in ‘toxic’ transgender row
An academic abused by students for allegedly “transphobic” views says it is a “sign of the toxicity” of today that she is considered dangerous.Last night the he

https://archive.is/83137 " St Andrews university sets bias test for entry" The Times, October 1st 2021

Transgender people should not have right to self-identify without medical checks, Liz Truss says
Foreign Secretary says she agrees with comments by the Labour MP Rosie Duffield who said ‘only women have a cervix’
Labour minister hits out at BBC for focusing on trans issues
David Lammy accuses Today presenter of ‘deliberately asking me about an issue that you know does not come up on the doorstep’
Lancet accused of sexism after calling women ‘bodies with vaginas’
The prestigious medical journal has prompted a wave of anger online after a ‘well-meaning but unhelpful attempt to be inclusive’
Holyrood protesters set to face criminal prosecution under new law
Protesters holding a demonstration outside Holyrood could face criminal prosecution under a new law to come into force next month.
Pronouns are Rohypnol • Fair Play For Women
There’s a lot of chat around about pronouns right now. Specifically, ‘preferred’ pronouns. By which is usually meant, the pronouns a person would prefer.
Graham Linehan interview: ‘Gender row is an onslaught on rights, returning women to pre-suffragette era’
There’s an obvious question to ask the comedy writer Graham Linehan. What would Father Ted, his greatest creation, make of the angry debate surrounding trans rights, and impending reform of the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland? “I know where you’re going with this,” Linehan says, with his lopsided
Hilary Mantel plans to become Irish citizen: ‘I might breathe easier in a republic’
Novelist ‘ashamed’ of UK’s treatment of migrants and wants to be a European again
BBC defends its support for Stonewall programme
Senior BBC presenters have raised concerns that its continued backing for Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme could jeopardise the broadcaster’s impartiality. The BBC said last night that it would remain associated with the LGBTQ+ group’s workplace programme after other media organisations withdr
Discomfort is not grounds to prosecute football fans
There they go again, Rangers fans disgracing themselves and reminding us that people really do make Glasgow. On Sunday, several dozen supporters were filmed pa
Maidens back woman charged over tweets
If there is a crowd of women dressed as handmaidens from a dystopian world, all of them chanting “Women won’t wheesht”, it’s probably Glasgow on a Tuesday, and
Author who accused trans lobby of ‘supplanting biology’ is ‘cancelled’
After the publication last month of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Helen Joyce claims she has been snubbed by the BBC and other media organisations.
Most civil servants dubious of pronoun pledge plan
More concerns have been raised over proposals to invite civil servants to take a “pronoun pledge” reflecting their gender identity.The Scottish government is encouraging staff to add terms reflecting
Alex Massie: Death threats don’t sit on the right side of history
Today, like yesterday and like tomorrow too, the most famous person living in Scotland will probably receive at least one death threat and all but certainly be the lucky recipient of plenty of other
JK Rowling exposes Twitter troll’s pipe bomb threat
JK Rowling has mocked an online troll who threatened her with a pipe bomb over her views on gender.The author tweeted a screenshot of the death threat as a demonstration of the hate mail she has
Milli Hill: the campaigner cancelled for questioning the term ‘birthing people’
In late November last year Milli Hill, a bestselling author of books about childbirth and the founder of the Positive Birth Movement, a network of support groups for pregnant women, saw herself tagged
Man lands ‘racial hatred’ police record for ‘whistling Bob The Builder theme’ at neighbour
A Bedfordshire man has ended up with a police record for “racial hatred” after whistling the theme tune to Bob The Builder at his neighbour.
Are women now being erased from childbirth?
The debate about transgender rights has reached our maternity wards and sparked a witch hunt, with women being left out of the picture
If we can’t use the word ‘woman’ about childbirth, we’re in trouble
Every week another woman heads for the ducking stool simply for challenging gender ideology and its ever more reductive language
HELEN JOYCE argues the gender self-identification lobby is harmful
What we are facing is a fundamental redefinition of what it means for anyone to be a man or woman - the supplanting of biology and a total rewrite of ...
Half of young ‘cancel’ people over opinions
Britons are increasingly fearful of expressing controversial views and most young people have cut someone out because of their political opinions, according to a study.Just over half of adults under
Nursing union ‘hounded out’ worker over trans research
A worker at a nursing union claims she was forced to quit her job after being “hounded” by bosses over her research into trans rights.Lisa Mackenzie was a part-time policy officer for the Royal
Royal Academy accused of breaking equality laws in Jess de Wahls dispute
The equality watchdog has been urged to investigate whether the Royal Academy of Arts discriminated against an artist because of her opinions about transgender people.The RA, which is one of the
Jess de Wahls: Royal Academy shop ditches work by artist accused of transphobia
The Royal Academy has barred an artist’s works from its shop after a social media campaign claimed that she had negative attitudes towards transgender people.The academy said that it would no longer
Greater Manchester Police chief constable rejects taking the knee
Greater Manchester’s new top officer says such actions could affect police impartiality.
Health service ‘acting like Stasi’ with Pride pledge
A campaign encouraging Scottish NHS staff to sign a pledge and wear a badge supporting gay, lesbian and transgender people has been criticised after it emerged participation in the scheme will be
Reindorf Review on “no platforming”
Stonewall ‘gave bad advice’ to university in free speech row
Stonewall has been accused of misrepresenting the law in its advice to Essex University, which failed to uphold free speech when it dropped speakers accused of transphobia.A barrister, Akua Reindorf
Women must be heard on transgender identity, says new equalities chief
Women must have the right to question transgender identity without being abused, stigmatised or risking losing their job, the new head of Britain’s equalities watchdog has warned.In her first
Sir Michael Barber in free speech plea to stop university groupthink
Universities are guilty of groupthink and must do more to protect freedom of thought, the outgoing chairman of the Office for Students says.Sir Michael Barber, who was brought back to Downing Street
Schoolgirl, 15, launches High Court battle against the CPS
The teenager, referred to only as A, tried to bring a case to the High Court claiming that the CPS’ affiliation with LGBT charity Stonewall meant it could be biased.
The sinister attempts to silence gender critical academics | The Spectator
Academic freedom is vital in a functioning and healthy democracy. But when it comes to questioning and debating ideas around gender identity and sex, many of my colleagues in academia do not appear to agree. The latest glaring example of this came last week. An open letter, signed by over 600 of …
Ipswich MP: I worry about ‘creeping authoritarianism’ in policing of our speech
My colleagues and I from the Common Sense group of MPs in Parliament have been co-authoring a book on a number of issues we believe the...
Academics criticise awarding of an OBE to ‘anti-trans’ professor
A group of academics criticised the government’s decision to award an OBE to Kathleen Stock, a professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex, saying it honours her ‘transphobic’ rhetoric.
Girl seeks judicial review of Crown Prosecution Service transgender ‘bias’
The Crown Prosecution Service has “compromised its independence” with its support for Stonewall, the LGBT rights group, and risks bias in its approach to transgender issues, according to a legal
Girl seeks judicial review of Crown Prosecution Service transgender ‘bias’
The Crown Prosecution Service has “compromised its independence” with its support for Stonewall, the LGBT rights group, and risks bias in its approach to transgender issues, according to a legal
Author Abigail Shrier faces threats after warning of trans epidemic
When Abigail Shrier published a book warning of a “trans epidemic plaguing teenage girls”, she was naturally expecting some controversy. It is now at the centre of a furious debate over free speech
Change.org faces legal action after removing ‘hate speech’ petition that defended dictionary definition of ‘woman’
The site’s owners have been accused of breaching its own terms and conditions as well as infringing the right to freedom of speech
Rosie Duffield: ‘It feels like Gilead where women aren’t allowed to ask questions’
Rosie Duffield got a standing ovation in the House of Commons last year when she revealed her experiences of domestic abuse in a speech that left many of her colleagues in tears. The Labour MP for