More than 250,000 people identify as trans in census
More than 250,000 people identify as transgender in England and Wales, according to census data that reveals the truest picture of gender identity to date. The archived version of

Keir Starmer: Pro-trans laws are needed across UK
Labour leader’s vow to update rules on gender self-identification emerges in wake of controversial changes passed by Scottish Parliament
Tackle the growing army of diversity staff, ministers told
Nearly 8,000 public sector workers are focused solely on equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives, an analysis supported by 40 Tory MPs has found.The repor is the archived version of

The Scottish Parliament should leave the Gender Recognition Act as it is
Five years ago I would have supported the Bill but I’ve listened to concerns of lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual women and changed my mind
SNP gender reforms ‘dangerous for women’, UN official warns
A leading UN official has condemned the SNP’s gender recognition reforms as posing a danger to women and urged Scottish ministers to postpone the legislation. R is the archived version of:

Ministry of Justice officials warned that talk about ‘protecting women’ could be transphobic
Thousands of staff received email for ‘transgender awareness week’ containing list of banned terms such as ‘gender critical’
Abusive flasher makes legal history by admitting offences as man and woman
A flasher who hurled pizza and a skateboard during a series of public order offences has broken new legal ground by appearing in court as both a man and a woma

Age-appropriate sex education set to be enforced by Sunak administration
There are concerns that third-party companies are exposing schoolchildren to explicit content and contentious ideas about gender
Hundreds say they are ‘a believer in biology’ in Scottish census protest
Hundreds of respondents used the national census to protest against the Scottish government’s decision to allow people to self-identify their sex in the survey.
Conflict and the need for clarity | Suella Braverman | The Critic Magazine
A speech to Policy Exchange’s Judicial Power Project My speech today is about equality and rights, and I’ve titled it, “conflict and the need for clarity”. Despite what our critics might say…
Justice system ‘puts trans rights ahead of women’
Women are being failed by the criminal justice system because it is too focused on transgender rights, a report claims.The work for the Policy Exchange think ta
Police are calling transgender rape suspects by their ‘preferred pronoun’, report finds
Self-declaration of ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex has been adopted by all key criminal justice institutions, think tank says
Trans status of recruits ‘must be disclosed to employers’
The government agency Disclosure Scotland has been accused of putting the rights of transgender people before public safety amid fresh warnings that gender refo
Parents told they can swap toddlers’ sex in Scottish census
Scottish parents completing census forms are being advised they can assign the sex of their children, including toddlers, according to “what describes them better”.
Let’s celebrate the bravery of JK Rowling
A friend believes people divide into sheep and goats. The sheep will never stray too far from their flock’s received wisdom because lone dissenters are picked o
‘Absurdity’ of police logging rapists as women
Police have been criticised for saying they will record rapes by offenders with male genitalia as being committed by a woman
Nurses demand exit from Stonewall diversity scheme
Hundreds of nurses have called on their regulatory body to withdraw from a diversity scheme run by Stonewall, warning that affiliation with the charity risk
Feminists challenge gender choice on census
Nicola Sturgeon faces a court challenge over her plans to allow people to choose their gender in next year’s census.The Fair Play for Women organisation has op
Legal threat to trans-inclusive census
Scottish ministers are being threatened with legal action over trans-inclusive guidance that would allow individuals to choose their gender for the national ce
MoD tells staff to state name, rank and gender pronoun
Officials have been told to state their preferred gender pronouns in meetings at the Ministry of Defence, where a civil servant acts as a trustee of Stonewall.Dunni Alao was described as a “fierce proponent” of Stonewall’s agenda when she was announced as a trustee of the lobby group in June.She is

Stonewall dropped by health department
The Department of Health has quit Stonewall’s controversial diversity scheme, the latest high-profile organisation to distance itself from the lobby group whic
Guides criticised for sexuality tweets
Girlguiding has been criticised for promoting asexuality awareness, causing some parents to threaten to withdraw their daughters from the group.The organisatio
Barriers to transgender people securing official acknowledgment of preferred identity to be removed
BARRIERS to transgender people in Northern Ireland securing official acknowledgment of their preferred identity are to be removed by a settlement reached in a High Court challenge.
Watchdog queries trans self-identify census plan
Plans to allow trans people to self-identify their gender in the Scottish census for the first time have been questioned by the statistics watchdog.Guidelines
The transgender delusion
Shon Faye’s book confirms that transgenderism is about control, not autonomy.
Ban urged on rape suspects ‘claiming they are women’
Scottish authorities are being urged to record suspected rapists by their natal gender amid claims that allowing male offenders to identify as women would “sign
The trans war on the body - The Spectator World
Perhaps unsurprisingly, we find many promoters of trans identities are linked to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries
Gender question on Scottish census ‘harms’ data
People will for the first time be able to self-identify their gender in the Scottish census next year — a change that critics insist “seriously harms” the quali
Participants able to self-identify their sex in Scottish census
People in Scotland will be able to self-identify their sex in next year’s census, official guidance has said.
The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye and Trans by Helen Joyce review — two radical perspectives
From the age of 11, Shon Faye was bullied for being a gay boy. On a school trip she woke to find a porn magazine open on her face. “I have had to learn,” she sa
Trans purity test has lost touch with reality
When conceiving Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Helen Joyce anticipated a rough ride. Sure enough, an initially interested literary agent who considered her
Civil servants to be asked to include pronouns in email sign-offs
Scottish Government backing proposals to ask 8,000 workers to take a ‘pronoun pledge’ under transgender inclusivity plans
Toddlers transitioning, male rapists in women’s prisons: this is the book you need to read about trans activism
Helen Joyce’s new book, Trans, is a jaw-dropping look at a world gone mad
#152 Helen Joyce on Trans — FiLiA
Helen Joyce, author, journalist and editor at The Economist, joins the FiLiA podcast to discuss her newly-released book Trans. An in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of gender identity theory, Helen writes about how these ideas impact our ability to speak about biological sex and what these devel
The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists |…
archived 15 Jul 2021 22:43:34 UTC
‎Free Speech Nation with Andrew Doyle: The Podcast: Episode Five: Helen Joyce on Apple Podcasts
On this week’s episode of Free Speech Nation: The Podcast, Andrew is joined writer Helen Joyce to discuss her new book ‘Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.’ See for privacy and opt-out information.
‎FiLiA: Helen Joyce on Trans on Apple Podcasts
Dr Helen Joyce, author, journalist and editor at The Economist, joins the FiLiA podcast to discuss her newly-released book Trans. An in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of gender identity theory, Helen writes about how these ideas impact our ability to speak about biological sex and what these de…
Debunking Trans ideology | Podcast | The Critic Magazine
In this episode of The Critic Podcast, Jo Bartosch is joined by Helen Joyce to talk about her new book: Trans. Bartosch and Joyce discuss the ideology of the Trans movement, the influences behind this…
Trans by Helen Joyce review — Women exist! The facts of biology trump ideology
When the great trans wars hit town a few years ago the reaction of many good liberals was bewilderment. Why were there sudden bitter disputes about changing rooms and public loos? Why was Germaine
Fight for genderless passport taken to the Supreme Court
Britons should be allowed to state their gender as X on their passports instead of just male or female, the Supreme Court will hear today.Lawyers for Christie Elan-Cane, who identifies as non-gendered
Teachers are powerless to resist trans activism in schools
Ofsted’s report on the use of overtly political teaching materials is welcome, but when will ministers intervene to stop indoctrination?

The Yogyakarta Principles: women’s rights were not considered
CBBC’s trans messaging is damaging children, says mother
Woman claims her son was ‘groomed’ into taking hormone treatment by guidance from charities and media
Stonewall equality list ‘bullies bosses and silences dissent’
Stonewall has been accused of using a workplace equality scheme to “coerce” publicly-funded organisations and companies to lobby for changes to the law.Documents show how the charity seeks to control
Avon and Somerset police paid Stonewall thousands learning to be LGBT ally
A police force has defended its use of public money after it emerged it had spent thousands of pounds sending its staff on a one-day training course on “what it means to be a more effective and
Stonewall ambassador: I believed in the scheme to uphold rights but we created a monster
I was working at American Express in the heyday of Stonewall’s brilliant campaign for LGB equality at work. As a “Stonewall ambassador”, I was pleased and proud to support the Diversity Champions
The Times view on a charity promoting dogma at public expense: Stonewall’s Suppressions
Little more than 50 years ago, homosexual relations between men were a criminal offence. Such harsh legislation blighted lives and spread misery. Thankfully, British society has advanced a long way
Stonewall fails to stop lesbian suing in trans row
Stonewall, the gay rights charity, has failed to stop a lesbian lawyer from suing it over allegations that it tried to silence her opposition to its policy on transgender rights.The campaign group
Stonewalled... by the leaders of gay rights group I helped launch
Free to Be? Only if you agree with Stonewall. In reality it has become single-mindedly focused on a particular and by no means universally accepted ap...
Belfast court trans judgment ‘a major change to the system’
A Belfast court judgment has been hailed by as a “landmark” moment in UK transgender rights by influential campaign group Stonewall.
Warnings that organisations’ policy could breach laws on trans rights
A row over transgender rights has prompted warnings that private and public organisations in Scotland are at risk of breaching equality laws.Stonewall promotes a “champions” scheme that helps hundreds
Stonewall should stay out of trans rights war
Imagine (in my case the effort is minimal) you are a gay man, and open about it. Thirty years ago this would have brought huge difficulties, attracted hostility, excluded you from many careers, and
MurrayBlackburnMackenzie: Greens’ commitment to enshrining Yogyakarta principles needs scrutiny
Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie of MurrayBlackburnMackenzie cast a critical eye over the Yogyakarta principles. Launched last week, the Scottish Green Party manifesto sets out a commitment to “enshrining the Yogyakarta human rights principles into Scots law”, as part of its…
War of words risks wiping women from our language
A fortnight before President Biden took office, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that “mother”, “father”, “daughter”, “brother” and other gendered words to describe familial relationships would be
Questions on biological sex ‘are wiped from official data’
Questions about a person’s biology “should not be asked” according to draft guidelines from Scotland’s chief statistician, in a paper that has fuelled concern that sex is being increasingly erased