"“Boris Johnson having a bit of a go at trans people, maybe hoping that will curry favour in certain sections, which is a bit sad." see article and podcast below:

Ireland can’t take social progress ‘for granted’, Varadkar says | Newstalk
Tánaiste Leo Varadkar says that Ireland has become a much more tolerant society in recent years ...
National Women’s Council of Ireland will continue to get State funding, Minister says
Government criticism of council over forthcoming rally leads to questions in the Dáil
If the Irish Women’s Council wants to be ‘national’, it needs to broaden its agenda
We were radical young feminists when we launched the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement back in the 1970s, but many of us were also journalists in touch with the grassroots of Irish life.
Quotas, campaigns and new legislation - what’s next for gender equality in Ireland?
The Good Information Project has spent the last four weeks focusing on work in Ireland and the EU to bring us closer to gender equality.
New initiative aims to boost representation of women on county councils
See Her Elected group launches guide for women considering running in 2024 local elections

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European Parliament proud to grant over half a million Euro to Irish civil society and media organisations
This week, the European Parliament has announced the award of €505,683 in grants to civil society and media organisations in Ireland. The grants are awarded to projects that will underpin civic engagement and European parliamentary democracy. They aim to help people understand how decisions tak…