Number of Brits undergoing gender-changing ops doubles in a decade
The record number (355) - obtained by MailOnline analysis of NHS England data - illustrates the growth of Britain’s trans community. Just 146 procedures were carried out annually a decade ago. archived version of

Gender dysphoria in young people is rising—and so is professional disagreement
More children and adolescents are identifying as transgender and are being offered medical treatment, especially in the US—but some providers and European authorities are urging caution because of a lack of strong evidence. Jennifer Block reports Last October the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP…
Breastfeeding grief after chest masculinisation mastectomy and detransition: A case report with lessons about unanticipated harm
An increasing number of young females are undergoing chest masculinsation mastectomy to affirm a gender identity and/or to relieve gender dysphoria. Some desist in their transgender identification and/or become reconciled with their sex, and then revert (or detransition). To the best of our knowledg…
World’s Largest Pediatric Gender Clinic Shut Down Due To Poor Evidence, Risk of Harm and Operational Failures
The UK’s National Health Service will close the world’s largest pediatric gender clinic, the Gender Identity Development Service in London (GIDS) often known as the Tavistock, after the NHS Trust which houses it. An independent review condemned the clinic as “not a safe or viable long-term option” …
A reduction in long-term spatial memory persists after discontinuation of peripubertal GnRH agonist treatment in sheep
Chronic gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) administration is used where suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis activity is beneficial, such as steroid-dependent cancers, early onset gender dysphoria, central precocious puberty ...

FDA Officials Warn Of Brain Swelling, Vision Loss In Minors Using Puberty Blockers | The Daily Wire
Puberty blockers, known as gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) substances, received a warning from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials earlier this month, saying the drug could cause brain swelling, loss of vision, and serious risks for children injecting the hormone. Officials said …
Chloe’s story: puberty blockers at 13, a double mastectomy at 15
Letter from Finland and Sweden
Can they help us solve America’s most vicious culture war?
Ex-trans teen supports Florida rule blocking funding for medical interventions
A California teen who formerly identified as transgender is backing a Florida rule blocking Medicaid funds for medical interventions while warning parents not to let their children undergo gender transition surgery.
Trans surgery ‘a conveyor system with no questions’
A man who intends to sue the NHS over gender reassignment surgery has described the treatment as a conveyor belt that is “all affirmation, no question”.Ritchie
Transgender patient says surgery ‘was biggest mistake of my life’
A man who underwent gender reassignment surgery is suing the NHS, claiming it was “the biggest mistake of my life”.The man, who is in his thirties, claims that
‘Eunuch’ should be a gender, according to Scottish NHS
Documents published on an NHS website share claims that ‘eunuch-identified people’ would benefit from ‘gender affirming medical care’
The magical LGBTQ+ myth factory | Malcolm Clark | The Critic Magazine
When it comes to medical facts, who would you trust more — the Hershey company or the US Assistant Secretary of Health? Lately, I’m not so sure. At least when a few years back Hershey-funded…
Doctor who ran clinic for transgender children failed to provide follow-up care
A GWENT doctor who ran an online clinic for transgender children was competent to provide treatment but failed to provide some follow-up care, a…
Suicide of Norwegian Youth Calls Into Question Transitioning of Minors
Outcry as NHS creates new service for free female-to-male surgery
Female-to-male transgender surgery is to be offered for free by a new national medical service, it can be revealed. archived version of:

I was allowed to transition at 18 without question – but I regretted it
Allie had private gender therapy to become male, but transitioned back following an autism diagnosis. Here, she shares her story...
France’s Academy of Medicine Urges ‘Great Medical Caution’ in Blocking Puberty
The White House Is Pushing Puberty Blockers for ‘Trans Kids.’ It’s Relying on a Problematic Study. - Washington Free Beacon
The Biden administration promoted the use of puberty blockers for transgender children by citing a study from an LGBT group funded in part by a manufacturer of the controversial drugs used in gender reassignment.
Doctors will be PAID to prescribe hormones to transgender patients
GPs in the UK will be paid £178 for prescribing cross-sex hormone therapy and £91 for providing annual health checks to transgender patients, in the first programme of its kind for the country.
Draft Guidance on Gender Dysphoria ‘Misses Urgent Issues’
Experts in adolescent and child psychology, as well as pedestrians, are shocked that the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care 8 appear to show a radical leaning towards “gender-affirmation.”
Texas launches investigation of AbbVie, Endo for alleged off-label promotion of puberty blocking drugs
Texas is investigating AbbVie and Endo, makers of puberty blocking drugs, for allegedly advertising and promoting them outside of their FDA approved use without disclosing risks.
Gender Sanity
Press Release. Letter to the editor. In our opinion, the study in JCEM hides the true numbers of trans males at risk for high red blood cell counts and therefore cardiovascular harms. We believe that the female reference range for hemoglobin and hematocrit must be used for trans males in order to h… original article in The Telegraph

Scottish doctors approved breast removal for 51 trans teenagers
More than 50 transgender boys under the age of 18 have been approved for double mastectomies in Scotland, it has been revealed.The figures, released under freed