Attempts to silence women and those who are LGB

National Women’s Council criticised for signing trans activist letter
The National Women’s Council (NWC) has been criticised for signing a letter exhorting politicians and the media not to give a platform to “pseudo feminists” on transgender issues. The letter
Irish LGBTQ+ community stand in #IrishSolidariT against transphobia on Trans Day of Remembrance
The LGB Alliance is not transphobic – we are just trying to protect ourselves
We, a group of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men, were proud to found the LGB Alliance, Ireland, last month. Imagine our surprise, then, to read Emma Kelly’s article expounding we were a transphobic hate group. We are writing this to ask a simple question; why is it so awful to come together to advoca…

Sex education

The sole function of the clitoris is female orgasm. Is that why it’s ignored by medical science?
Medical textbooks are full of anatomical pictures of the penis, but the clitoris barely rates a mention. Many medical professionals are uncomfortable even talking about it

Sexual offences and abuse of women

Women in prostitution in Ireland experience ‘endemic violence’
Report says 2017 law has made a ‘very promising’ start in interrupting sex trade
Special unit to tackle rise in sex crimes to be launched this year
A special unit in the State’s prosecution service to deal with a significant increase in sex crimes will be launched by the end of this year.


Irish kids are sent to England over gender identity issues
40% off those referred receive medical treatment such as puberty blockers
Puberty blockers will no longer be considered ‘fully reversible’ | Business Post
Irish doctors will not use the term ‘fully reversible’ in future, following a change in Britain’s NHS guidance on hormone treatment for transgender children
Irish children sent to London clinic caught in gender storm
One hundred Irish children have been sent to England over the past three years to be assessed at a clinic caught in a controversy over fast-tracking gender transition.
100 Irish kids sent to controversial London sex-change clinic since 2016
The children, ranging in age from eight to 17, are psychologically assessed
Prime Time: An in-depth look at transgender issues
RTÉ Prime Time examines the exponential growth in the number of young people seeking to change gender, and the implications of the proposed new law allowing them to do so without their parents’ consent.
Rise in referrals of children to UK over gender identity
Eighty-three Irish children have been sent to England in the past six years to be psychologically assessed for confusion over their gender identity.
Transgender Children: ‘The concept of being born in the wrong body is troubling’
’I landed into something, because of an experience I had as a kid, and I felt I couldn’t look away, even though I was told to by people close to me.” This is psychotherapist Stella O’Malley’s response when I ask why she is so caught up in the debate around the best response to transgender children.
Plans To Change Transition Process For Transgender Teens | Newstalk
The new children’s minister wants to make it easier for under 16s to change their gender. Mi...
Fine Gael seeking law change to let under-16s legally change gender
Children under the age of 16 would be able to legally change their gender under plans being discussed by Fine Gael.
Laws to make it easier for teens to change gender
Laws to make it easier for people aged 16 and 17 to legally change their gender will be introduced by the Fianna Fail-Fine Gael-Green Government.
Stephen Kirwan: Pitfalls and uncertainties in Ireland’s gender recognition laws
Stephen Kirwan, solicitor at KOD Lyons, explores the pitfalls and uncertainties remaining under Ireland’s gender recognition laws. On July 15th 2015, the Irish Government passed the Gender Recognition Act 2015. The Act gives transgender people full legal recognition of their preferred gender and a…
Trans rights ‘pass under radar’
An international organisation that supports transgender rights has praised activists in Ireland for passing legislation “under the radar” by “latching trans rights legislation on to more popular legal
The Irish state will now accept trans people’s own declaration of their gender
Married trans people will also not be required to get a divorce, to have their gender recognised.
Gender Recognition Bill is in violation of international human rights law
Irish Bill needs to be amended to respect transgender people’s dignity and freedom


Doctors in row with HSE over claims children’s transgender care is ‘unsafe’
A number of doctors have claimed a service under which adolescents with gender dysphoria can be given puberty-suppressing hormone blockers is “unsafe” and must be immediately stopped, but their concerns were suppressed.
HSE gender identity panel ‘as close to a farce as you can get’, says expert
The HSE’s new gender identity panel has been branded “as close to a farce as you can get” by an expert on hormone management.
Gender Dysphoria
Ray is joined in studio by Professor Donal O’Shea, Ireland’s leading endocrinologist to discuss the medical side of gender dysphoria and what support is being provided to people in Ireland.
Simon Harris pushed HSE to review need for psychiatric assessment for gender switches
Simon Harris, the minister for health, has asked HSE officials on a steering committee that is developing transgender services to examine the concerns of an activist campaigning against the
Patients ‘coached to fast-track sex change treatment’
Vulnerable patients are being “coached” on how to outwit a psychological evaluation in order to gain access to hormone treatment and gender-related surgery, it has been claimed.
Trans People May Get Better Access To Hormone Treatment
Bill for sending children to UK gender identity clinic soars to €380,000
The HSE spent €380,541 last year referring children to the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service in the UK, figures released under freedom of information legislation show.Irish children

Mixed sex toilets

New Limerick secondary school to install gender-neutral toilets
Limerick’s newest secondary school is to have gender-neutral toilets fitted on each of its three floors.
Five secondary schools seek permission for gender neutral toilets
Five soon-to-be built secondary schools have sought permission from the Department of Education to install gender neutral toilets for students, the Sunday Independent can reveal.
Visitors kick up a stink over unisex toilets at Cliffs of Moher
The unisex toilets that catered for 1.6 million visitors at the country’s most popular natural tourist attraction last year, the Cliffs of Moher, are raising a stink with visitors.
Perv ‘gets thrill’ watching women go to the toilet, court hears
A PERV told Gardai he gets a thrill watching women going to the toilet, a court heard today. Peeping-Tom, Vincent Moran, 59, of Riveroaks, Claregalway, Co Galway left one victim feeling “humiliated…


12% Increase In Assaults On Prison Officers - Highest In Women’s Prison | SPIN1038
There was a 12 per cent increase in assaults on prison officers last year.There were 123 in jail...
Calls for a women’s prison to be built intensify as gender inequality in the system are highlighted
The Government has been tackled on the inequality that exists in the Irish prison system, with two open prisons for men and none for women.
Calls for Ireland’s first female open prison to cut reoffending
Ireland needs its first female open prison to reduce reoffending and overcrowding, a human rights charity has said.The Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) said that the lack of rehabilitation strategies
Prison officers demand guidelines on transgender inmates
Prison officers are demanding procedural guidelines on how to deal with transgender inmates as male staff cannot search men who identify as women while female staff cannot search prisoners who identify as women but are physically still men.
Strike threats at Oberstown after female detainee moved into new mixed-gender unit
Staff have flagged their opposition to the move.
Teenager remanded on charges of making threats to kill
A teenager, who a court heard was born male and who is identifying as female, was today remanded in continuing custody on charges of making threats to kill two people.

Transgender prisoner being held in women’s jail | Newstalk
It’s been reported that a sex offender undergoing male to female transition is being held in a ...
Irish trans sex-offender moved to women’s prison despite not having surgery
The inmate was born male but is now recognised as female under the Gender Recognition Act 2015


Sex-change specialist warns of surgery regrets as two Irish people reverse procedure

Facilities and services needed by women

Peter Boylan says new cancer screening wording is ‘confusing’ | Newstalk
A consultant obstetrician says the Health Service Executive (HSE) should reverse a ‘confusing’ de...
Listen Back | Newstalk
Listen back to interview with Dr Peter Boylan, former Chair of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 6th October 2020 - starts at 00.49.55
National Women’s Council of Ireland to HSE: change ‘anyone with a cervix’ advice
The National Women’s Council of Ireland says it is a “mistake” for the HSE to replace the word “woman” with “anyone with a cervix” in its national cervical screening advice.The NWCI hopes to meet the
Controversy over HSE’s removal of word “woman” from cervical cancer information
The HSE has defended the removal of the word, saying it aimed to use language inclusive of everyone
HSE defends removing references to ‘women’ in online cervical cancer information
Webpage about screening programme refers to ‘anyone with a cervix’
WRC makes €3,000 award to breastfeeding mother
A government department has been ordered to pay €3,000 compensation to a worker who was denied access to a private room where she could breastfeed.The mother made a complaint to the Workplace


Irish sporting community reacts to 'transphobic' decision by World Rugby to prohibit trans women