Sonia O’Sullivan sparks controversy after saying transgender athletes have ‘unfair advantage’
Sonia O’Sullivan is facing backlash for making controversial comments about transgender athletes
Trans women in sport criteria ‘needs to be addressed’ - TENI | Newstalk
‘We need to step back and look at society’s view of transgender people’
Transgender athletes in elite sports
Justin speaks to former olympian, Gillian O’Sullivan; Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology at DCU, Niall Moyna and Sara Philips from the Transgender Equality Network Ireland.
TENI: ‘A societal thing rather than a sport thing’ | Newstalk
Sarah Phillips, Chair of the board of TENI, Transgender Equality Network Ireland joined Kieran on The Hard Shoulder this evening...
Powerlifter Rehana Manier ‘felt cheated’ after losing to transgender woman | Newstalk
Rehana Manier holds 18 world records and was competing for Ireland in 2018
Transgender athletes ‘without a doubt’ have unfair advantage - Sonia O’Sullivan | Newstalk
She was speaking after a US swimmer won a freestyle relay, but was not recognised
Sonia O’Sullivan: Transgender athletes have ‘an unfair advantage’

Dr Ross Tucker @scienceofsport talking on Newstalk's Off The Ball on 22nd March 2022:$deeplink_path=podcast/82/331875&$desktop_url=

Sonia O’Sullivan: Transgender athletes cannot be allowed to compete in women’s sport
No use kicking issue down track – it’s become a major problem and a decision is needed
Ian O’Riordan: No running from DSD and transgender debate in athletics
Sports bodies face a huge challenge in striking balance between inclusion and fairness
Kellie Harrington: Gold-winning boxer wants more funding for women’s sports
The Olympic gold medallist Kellie Harrington called for better funding for boxing and women’s sports as she arrived home after her triumph in Tokyo.The boxer
Transgender lifter Laurel Hubbard retires after Olympic debut
Her appearance on sport’s biggest stage was historic but short-lived.
Transgender weightlifter Hubbard out of Olympic final
The 43-year-old New Zealander made history in becoming the first female transgender Olympian.
Fining Norway for wearing shorts is tip of iceberg. When will men treat women as equals?
Can this really be the 21st year of the 21st century? Before committing to an answer, consider what happened at the European Beach Handball Championship at Varna in Bulgaria last weekend. For their
Tokyo Olympics: Covid restrictions leaving stars with the unenviable choice of being parent or athlete
As you snake through the Olympics arrivals process at the airport in Tokyo, showing forms and waiting for the requisite Covid test, you pass a discreet door next to the toilets. A sign in Japanese and
Transgender athlete’s inclusion at Olympics an ‘incredibly positive’ moment | Newstalk
The announcement that a New Zealand weightlifter will become the first trans athlete to compete a...
As soon as I came out as trans, it was this big area of ‘Can I play anymore? Who can I play for?’
“Rugby was my religion, it was my passion, it was my home,” says Noah Halpin, community aid officer at Transgender Equality Network Ireland. “Then, as soon as I came out as trans, it was this big area of, can I play anymore? Who can I play for?”
Andrews in apology for ‘anti-trans’ tweets likes
A Sinn Féin TD has apologised for liking tweets which transgender rights campaigners have said are "transphobic".

Irish sporting community reacts to 'transphobic' decision by World Rugby to prohibit trans women