Limerick TD weighs in on debate over transgender prisoners with histories of sexual violence
TD Willie O’Dea has backed calls for trans prisoners with a history of sexual or physical violence against women to be held in men’s prisons

Archived version of article below: Transgender prisoners: where should they be housed? – The Irish Times (

Transgender prisoners: where should they be housed?
In devising a new policy on the housing of trans inmates, prison managment faces some difficult choices
TD backs calls for transgender prisoners with history of violence to be detained in male prisons
TD backs calls for transgender prisoners with history of violence to be detained in male prisons
TD backs calls for transgender prisoners with history of violence to be detained in male prisons |
Limerick City TD Willie O’Dea said it is “most inappropriate” that transgender prisoners with a history of violence against women culd be incarcerated with female prisoners
Wicklow man who discussed having sex with children escapes jail time
A Wicklow man who engaged in text exchanges about having sex with children to impress several individuals has received a three-year suspended prison term.
400 new jail places to house 620 extra inmates
‘Added population, gardai, and judges’ account for bulge
New Wing to Open at Limerick Prison today
A New B Wing for male prisoners will open at Limerick Prison today.
New wing at Limerick Prison opens with protestors outside
Minister for Justice Simon Harris officially opened the new 102-cell wing at Limerick Prison this afternoon.
Protest over transgender inmates as Justice Minister opens new wing at Limerick Prison
MINISTER for Justice Simon Harris says the keeping of transgender inmates in female prisons is not an issue of “gender or sex” but one of “safety”. The minister made his comments at Limerick Prison this Friday, where he officially opened a new 102-cell “state of the art...
Protesters call for biologically male offenders to be removed from women’s jail
They held a rally outside the Dail yesterday to call for the removal of violent transgender prisoners, including Barbie Kardashian
Gardai probe Barbie Kardashian for “threats to rape female prison officers”
The Mirror has confirmed that the transgender prisoner is alleged to have threatened to sexually attack several female prison officers at Limerick Prison this week
Barbie Kardashian to be moved from Limerick Prison over fears of attack on staff
Prison bosses are arranging for transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian to be moved to a different location due to growing safety fears.
Simon Harris says no government plans to ban transgender inmates from female prisons
THE government has no plans to keep transgender inmates out of women’s prison despite recent comments by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that the law may need to change.
‘We need a transgender policy’ - Prison officers don’t feel safe at Limerick Prison | Newstalk
Female prison officers do not feel safe working at Limerick Women’s Prison, according to the Prison Officers’ Association.
Helen McEntee approved housing of inmate alongside prisoners of the opposite sex
Justice Minister Helen McEntee authorised the Irish Prison Service to house a prisoner with inmates of the opposite sex in March 2021.
Fears ‘dangerous’ inmate Barbie Kardashian could follow through on threats
A source said Kardashian, who was born Gabrielle Alejandro Gentile and changed her name by deed poll, is deemed too dangerous to mix. Kardashian was found guilty on seven counts of threatening to kill, rape, torture or cause serious harm to her mother.
Transgender child perv back on streets despite being told she would be deported
A transgender prostitute caught with ‘thousands of depraved child abuse images’ is back on Ireland’s streets after being released from prison despite a court being told she would be deported at the end of a three-year sentence.
Prison Service
Prison Service Dáil Éireann Debate, Wednesday - 2 February 2022
Housing transgender prisoners ‘has to be compromise’, ex-Mountjoy governor says | Newstalk
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has previously said ‘violent biological males’ should not be housed in women’s prisons
Norma Foley agrees with Taoiseach over transgender prisoners in female prisons
Education Minister Norma Foley said that she also agreed with comments from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that prisoners convicted of violent crimes who were born biologically male should not be placed in female-only prions. archived version of (which has been removed)

Barbie Kardashian jailed for threats to torture, murder and rape
The court heard Gardai continue to have 'grave concerns' about Ms Kardashian’s 'motivation to carry out the threats'
Prison staff threat fears over ‘volatile’ transgender inmate Barbie Kardashian
Barbie Kardashian, 21, was this week jailed and is under 23-hour lock up at Limerick Prison. She is considered so volatile that it takes several prison officers to escort her from her cell for the one hour of exercise she gets each day
The prison of silence | Colette Colfer | The Critic Magazine
The most striking thing about the transgender prisoner situation in Ireland is the silence that surrounds the issue. Most people are unaware that there are male-born prisoners housed in the women’s…

Mandela Rules, see Rule 11:

Inmates at Limerick Women’s Prison sleeping on mattresses or floors due to overcrowding
In the past two and a half months, there have been just seven nights where no female prisoner was sleeping on a mattress

Prisons ‘back to business as usual’ as numbers rise post-pandemic
A rise in prisoner numbers suggests the penal system is returning to “business as usual” after the pandemic, experts have warned. The Irish Prison Service (IPS) yesterday published its annual report for 2021 as justice minister Helen McEntee visited Limerick Prison to review its major expansion proj
Probation report on Barbie Kardashian who threatened to kill mother ‘deeply disturbing’ |
Kardashian had told staff at Coovagh House that she planned to travel to her mother’s house, overpower her, torture her with a knife, a screwdriver, and boiling water.
Limerick women’s prison: an architecture of hope
The Sunday Times, 8th May 2022
Long-awaited reports into Dóchas women’s prison kept under wraps by Department
The first report, a “three-day monitoring report” of the Dóchas Centre, was received by the minister for justice’s office in August 2020 which includes:

Barbie Kardashian goes on trial in Limerick accused of threat to kill her mother and healthcare assistant
A WOMAN has gone on trial accused of threatening to kill or cause serious injury to her mother as well as an employee of a special care unit in Limerick.
Barbie Kardashian ‘planned to stab and torture’ her mother, Limerick court told
Details of the alleged torture and murder plan were relayed to the jury on what was the second day of Ms Kardashian’s trial.
No temporary release for Limerick prisoners despite Covid cases
All inmates will be on a restricted regime in the facility until mass testing has been completed

Interview with Yvonne Jewkes, MRS President’s Medal 2021 winner | Feature
Professor Jewkes was awarded the MRS President’s Medal 2021 for her work researching how prison design can rehabilitate rather than punish offenders.

Prisons to improve transgender facilities
Prisons to improve transgender facilities
Prison officers must train up in LGBT+ awareness and terminology
Inspectorate wants policy on safe custody of trans inmates
Transgender women in Limerick jail locked in cells for up to 23 hours
Inspector said the women are largely confined to their cells under a prison rule which allows inmates to be put on a restricted regime either for ...
Woman jailed after being found with thousands of ‘depraved’ child abuse images
A judge has sentenced the woman to prison for three years.
DPP examines claims garda sexually assaulted woman in station
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is considering whether a garda should face criminal charges after being arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman in a garda station.
Michael Clifford: We need proper scrutiny of life behind our prison walls
If there were no shortcomings or criticisms of Dóchas prison from the inspector in her monitoring reports, the failure to publish is completely ...

Transgender inmates are housed in women’s wing of prison
Three transgender inmates are currently being housed in the women’s wing of Limerick jail, as it is deemed more suitable than the country’s main committal jail for females, the Dóchas Centre in Dublin.

Transgender sex offender loses sentence appeal |
A transgender woman has lost an appeal against the severity of her sentence for sexually assaulting and threatening her former partner’s son.The woman (32), who can’t be named to protect the victim’s identity, was convicted by a Circuit Criminal Court jury of 10 counts of sexual
Transgender sex offender appeals severity of sentence
Transgender sex offender appeals severity of sentence
Woman jailed for assaulting a family friend who was trying to break up a fight
Judge accepted transgender woman Shauna Kavanagh (33) will ‘have difficulty serving time in prison’
Transgender woman to be sentenced for assaulting three men
Injured friend wrote letter to court saying he bore no ill-will or malice towards assailant
12% Increase In Assaults On Prison Officers - Highest In Women’s Prison | SPIN1038
There was a 12 per cent increase in assaults on prison officers last year.There were 123 in jail...
Teenager in custody charged with threats to kill two people
A teenager has been remanded in custody charged with making threats to kill two people.
Calls for a women’s prison to be built intensify as gender inequality in the system are highlighted
Calls for a women’s prison to be built intensify as gender inequality in the system are highlighted

Calls for Ireland’s first female open prison to cut reoffending
Ireland needs its first female open prison to reduce reoffending and overcrowding, a human rights charity has said.The Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) said that the lack of rehabilitation strategies
Prison officers demand guidelines on transgender inmates
Prison officers are demanding procedural guidelines on how to deal with transgender inmates as male staff cannot search men who identify as women while female staff cannot search prisoners who identify as women but are physically still men.
Strike threats at Oberstown after female detainee moved into new mixed-gender unit
Staff have flagged their opposition to the move. Link gone but archived version below:

Male-bodied transgender inmate housed with women
Criminal defence lawyer Robert Purcell says that the Gender Recognition Act 2015 has placed the State in an impossible position with regard to transgender prisoners.
Transgender prisoner being held in women’s jail | Newstalk
It’s been reported that a sex offender undergoing male to female transition is being held in a ...
Irish trans sex-offender moved to women’s prison despite not having surgery
The inmate was born male but is now recognised as female under the Gender Recognition Act 2015
Irish Prison Service slammed for not protecting LGBT prisoners
Over two years ago, a report commissioned by the Irish Penal Reform Trust found the IPS needed to consider and address the needs of LGBT prisoners