Transgender sex offender appeals severity of sentence
Transgender sex offender appeals severity of sentence
Woman jailed for assaulting a family friend who was trying to break up a fight
Judge accepted transgender woman Shauna Kavanagh (33) will ‘have difficulty serving time in prison’
Transgender woman to be sentenced for assaulting three men
Injured friend wrote letter to court saying he bore no ill-will or malice towards assailant
12% Increase In Assaults On Prison Officers - Highest In Women’s Prison | SPIN1038
There was a 12 per cent increase in assaults on prison officers last year.There were 123 in jail...

Calls for Ireland’s first female open prison to cut reoffending
Ireland needs its first female open prison to reduce reoffending and overcrowding, a human rights charity has said.The Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) said that the lack of rehabilitation strategies
Prison officers demand guidelines on transgender inmates
Prison officers are demanding procedural guidelines on how to deal with transgender inmates as male staff cannot search men who identify as women while female staff cannot search prisoners who identify as women but are physically still men.
Strike threats at Oberstown after female detainee moved into new mixed-gender unit
Staff have flagged their opposition to the move.

Transgender prisoner being held in women’s jail | Newstalk
It’s been reported that a sex offender undergoing male to female transition is being held in a ...
Irish trans sex-offender moved to women’s prison despite not having surgery
The inmate was born male but is now recognised as female under the Gender Recognition Act 2015