Clinicians urge Irish leaders to invest in trans healthcare services
Doctors will brief politicians on state of Irish gender services
Two former justice ministers are to host a briefing for TDs and senators with clinicians who work with the National Gender Service (NGS).
HSE use of controversial Tavistock gender clinic ‘needs an external review’
Former justice minister Charlie Flanagan has said a HSE report into Ireland’s use of the Tavistock gender clinic for children is a “whitewash” after reviewing correspondence that shows its author said in “no way” would she question the quality or safety of the service.
Former minister for justice repeats call for investigation into gender service
Charlie Flanagan says internal HSE review of youth service ‘wholly inadequate’ and independent investigation is required
Controversial Tavistock gender identity clinic in UK has 72 Irish children on waiting list
Up to 72 children from Ireland remain on the waiting list of the Tavistock gender identity clinic in the UK, which was the subject of a critical review and is being wound down, it emerged yesterday.
HSE to develop new plan for the treatment of gender dysphoria
Major new initiative to involve international longitudinal study and effort to create entirely domestic service
Head of UK review into gender identity services holds ‘informative discussion’ with HSE
Dr Hilary Cass part of meeting on ′ challenges in developing a gender service in Ireland’, health service says
Revealed: The internal HSE row holding up the development of gender health services, as waiting lists reach 3 years
Shortly after arriving back from his family summer holiday, Health Minister Stephen Donnelly took an “urgent” meeting with four senior doctors from the National Gender Service (NGS) in his department’s headquarters in Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.
Charlie Flanagan demands probe into HSE’s use of UK gender clinic for children
Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan has become the first senior Government politician to publicly raise concerns about the use of the UK’s Tavistock clinic for Irish children that require gender identity treatment.
New transgender guidelines no longer include age thresholds for gender-affirming surgery
HSE studies updated international guide for transgender health and gender-affirming surgery
Dr Karl Neff, clinical lead at the National Gender Service
Justin speaks to Dr Karl Neff, clinical lead at the National Gender Service, which provides medical and surgical interventions to help people affirm their gender.
Concerns raised over patient referrals to the UK’s Tavistock clinic
Justin speaks to Elayne Devlin about the Tavistock Trust’s Gender Identity Development Services clinic and the service it provides to Irish children.
HSE continues to refer patients to the Tavistock clinic | Newstalk
The HSE is continuing to refer patients to the Tavistock clinic in the UK, which provides psychological assessment and support for children with gender ident...
Tavistock: Psychiatrist ‘shocked’ HSE to keep sending children
A UK review found the clinic was leaving young people ‘at considerable risk’
HSE is still referring children to ‘unsafe’ UK gender clinic
Eleven children under the care of clinicians in Ireland are on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, according to the HSE. It has also revealed that between
The trans lobby has put Irish children at risk
Brenda Power: Where trans activists’ beliefs threaten women and children, then they have to be faced down
Hit reset button now on ‘pausing’ puberty
One might think the risk of being sued by the families of over 230 Irish children, some as young as five, who were referred to a discredited gender identity in clinic between 2011 and 2021, would give the HSE pause for thought.
Stephen Donnelly will meet doctors over HSE referring children to UK trans clinic
Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has agreed to an urgent request to meet doctors from the National Gender Service (NGS) over concerns about the HSE’s ongoing use of the UK’s Tavistock clinic for Irish children with gender-identity issues.
Galway Talks with Keith Finnegan (Friday, 12th August 2022)
Support demanded for Irish youths with gender dysphoria following London clinic closure
A HSE spokeswoman said it has been working to ensure the Children’s Health Ireland gender identity service at Crumlin continues.
Irish children with gender dysphoria will continue to be referred to UK clinic, HSE says |
Dr Siobhán Ní Bhriain, the HSE’s national lead for integrated care, said the Tavistock Clinic in London was safe
The future will condemn us for pandering to the trans agenda
When people look back at scandals from the past involving the neglect or abuse of children by church and state, the question they always ask is: How was this allowed to happen?
Emails reveal series of warnings to health authorities over puberty blockers for children at Tavistock clinic
On March 20, 2019, members of the National Gender Service (NGS) met with senior members of Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Crumlin and the Ireland East Hospital Group in Crumlin hospital’s boardroom to discuss the hospital’s care for transgender children who were referred to the…
Unquestioned, unproven, unsafe: HSE must learn from Britain’s Tavistock gender clinic debacle, says expert
In 2009, the HSE began referring Irish children seeking treatment for gender issues to the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) run by the Tavistock NHS clinic in London. The numbers were small, but growing.
Revealed: HSE was warned over ‘unsafe’ transgender clinic
Senior doctors in the National Gender Service (NGS) warned the HSE in 2019 that it would face a wave of patients who would regret medical gender reassignments due to the poor level of care given to Irish children by the Tavistock clinic.
A reduction in long-term spatial memory persists after discontinuation of peripubertal GnRH agonist treatment in sheep
Chronic gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRHa) administration is used where suppression of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis activity is beneficial, such as steroid-dependent cancers, early onset gender dysphoria, central precocious puberty ...
Fears over treatment of Irish trans teens at clinic
The Irish Times, July 30th 2022
Children’s Ombudsman Dr Niall Muldoon met with teenager over transgender ‘pressure’
The children’s watchdog has met a group who voiced concerns about the “pressure” children and young adults can come under to change gender.

"My Trans Life" Episodes 1 & 2 from May 2018:

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Gender change data to be scrutinised
All children who have been treated for gender dysphoria in the past decade will have their medical records scrutinised in an effort to find out whether NHS serv

Archived version of article below:

Critic of trans care makes credible case, says children’s ombudsman
Niall Muldoon, the children’s ombudsman, has admitted to colleagues that an anonymous critique of a newspaper article he wrote calling for more access to medic

Gender GP has been operating in Ireland also:

Doctor struck off for prescribing sex change drugs via online clinic
Dr Michael Webberley, who spent 34 years working for the NHS, provided puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones via GenderGP, an online gender clinic which he ran with his wife Helen

HSE spends €50,000 to send children to gender treatment clinics
The HSE spent €50,000 last year on a scheme for children and young adults to attend controversial gender treatment clinics in the UK.
‘Adversarial’ adult trans debate is hindering teenagers, report finds
Controversy is making it harder to develop care model for teens with gender dysphoria
Young trans people have a right to be seen, heard and supported
All of us who engage with children and young people — teachers, youth workers, mental health, and medical professionals — must stand up against transphobia and gender-critical stances.
LGBT and autism project postponed after ad included 10-year-olds
An LGBT outreach project which asked for the involvement of autistic children as young as ten has been postponed after the organisers said the age range advert

ILAG referred to in this article is probably ILGA:

Bodily autonomy debate raises awkward questions about protecting our children
Arguably one ought to be glad that the public is at last tuned in to philosophy and human rights. The words that infuse current debate on a number of issues are derived from these areas of thought. Bodily autonomy is one such issue, it creates an aura of gravity. It is defined variously as the right…
Gender distress treatment in young people: a highly charged debate
More and more young people have gender dysphoria. How should the medical system respond?
Opinion: It’s Pride 2021, let’s consider giving greater support to LGBTI+ youth in school
Nerilee Ceatha of UCD says her research shows young people no longer assume rigid sexual orientation labels and binary gender identities.
Whistleblower who raised Tavistock health and safety fears sues clinic
A whistleblower who raised concerns about the health and safety of patients at the UK’s only gender identity development service is suing them at a Lo...
New staff for National Gender Service due to rapid growth in demand
Waiting list for service set for continued growth as increased capacity will be insufficient
Lack of clarity on use of puberty-blockers for gender dysphoria treatment in Ireland
UK rulings have resulted in a major report and new safeguards, but responses on the issue are not forthcoming in this jurisdiction
HSE officials opted not to pull puberty blocking treatment at Crumlin hospital
Decision taken despite High Court ruling in London against Tavistock House NHS Trust
Children’s hospital assured of indemnity over puberty blockers
Hospital given ‘comfort letter’ by HSE for treatment in cases of gender dysphoria
UK gender identity clinic that treated Irish children rated ‘inadequate’
British regulator raises ‘significant concerns’ about facility to which 180 Irish were referred
Alison O’Connor: Trans community collateral damage in social media policing
There is a vocal, often sustained and sometimes abusive coterie on social media who take it upon themselves to police anything and everything said ...
Irish children – and their families – left high and dry by London High Court ruling on puberty blockers
Last week, three judges of the High Court in London ruled that transgender children, aged 13 or under, were “highly unlikely” to be “competent to give consent” to chemical treatments prescribed for them. For those between 14 and 16 they said competent consent was “doubt…
What the gender treatment ruling means
A High Court ruling last week that children younger than 16 are unlikely to be able to consent to treatment with puberty-blocking drugs is set to generate a deluge of work for lawyers.The case was

Drivetime on RTE, December 1st after Keira Bell case judgement:

Accusations of transphobia stifle much-needed debate
Now that the High Court in London has judged that it is no longer appropriate to use experimental treatment paths on gender- dysphoric children, the ethics of prescribing puberty blockers are being reassessed in other countries around the world.
Brenda Power: Give children more time, not puberty blockers
If a 14-year-old girl in this country is anorexic, if she looks in the mirror and sees a fat person who needs to diet, she is deemed to have a mental health issue. She will be treated with counselling
Recognising the damage done to children by puberty blockers is not transphobic
When I was a child, from about three-years-old or so, I wanted to be a boy. I deeply believed that I should be a boy. For me, it just didn’t make sense that I was a girl.
Should Under 16′s Need Permission To Start Puberty Blockers? | Newstalk
Three Judges in the UK have ruled that children under the age of 16 are unlikely to be able to gi...

Very good article since removed after pressure applied by transactivists:

Huge Implications For Irish Kids And HSE Following Landmark Keira Bell Tavistock Case
Nearly 80 Irish children sent to UK for gender identity assessment in 3 years
Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) at Crumlin say they are currently treating less than 20 patients at their Gender Endocrinology Service
Irish kids are sent to England over gender identity issues
40% off those referred receive medical treatment such as puberty blockers
Puberty blockers will no longer be considered ‘fully reversible’ | Business Post
Irish doctors will not use the term ‘fully reversible’ in future, following a change in Britain’s NHS guidance on hormone treatment for transgender children
Irish children sent to London clinic caught in gender storm
One hundred Irish children have been sent to England over the past three years to be assessed at a clinic caught in a controversy over fast-tracking gender transition.
100 Irish kids sent to controversial London sex-change clinic since 2016
The children, ranging in age from eight to 17, are psychologically assessed
Prime Time: An in-depth look at transgender issues
RTÉ Prime Time examines the exponential growth in the number of young people seeking to change gender, and the implications of the proposed new law allowing them to do so without their parents’ consent.
Rise in referrals of children to UK over gender identity
Eighty-three Irish children have been sent to England in the past six years to be psychologically assessed for confusion over their gender identity.
Transgender Children: ‘The concept of being born in the wrong body is troubling’
’I landed into something, because of an experience I had as a kid, and I felt I couldn’t look away, even though I was told to by people close to me." This is psychotherapist Stella O’Malley’s response when I ask why she is so caught up in the debate around the best response to transgender child…