Irish Mail on Sunday 3rd July 2022
Leading Irish plastic surgeon offers her help to transgender people
Dr Gallagher said she offered to either teach or do surgery here, where gender confirmation procedures are covered by the HSE
Meet the Irish surgeon changing lives for transgender Americans
Dr Sidhbh Gallagher has performed 200 gender affirmation surgeries since 2015
The function, demand, limits and future of the National Gender Service
Dr Karl Neff, clinical lead at the Loughlinstown clinic, explains how the service works and why more resources are needed
Trans men who bind chests may suffer worse from Covid-19
Transgender men who bind their chests have been advised to stop if they develop respiratory symptoms associated with Covid-19. Binding, a daily practice for many transgender men, involves wrapping the chest area tightly, and is most commonly used by those waiting for medical transition.Karl Neff, cl
Blood Transfusion Service working on transgender solution
IT tests succeed in changing name of trans donor woman in ‘test environment’

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Children’s Minister seeks to ban conversion therapy after meeting with Sinn Féin and cross party coalition group
Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman is seeking to ban conversion therapy after meeting with Sinn Féin and a cross party coalition group.
New staff for National Gender Service due to rapid growth in demand
Waiting list for service set for continued growth as increased capacity will be insufficient
Children’s hospital assured of indemnity over puberty blockers
Hospital given ‘comfort letter’ by HSE for treatment in cases of gender dysphoria
Simon Harris pushed HSE to review need for psychiatric assessment for gender switches
Simon Harris, the minister for health, has asked HSE officials on a steering committee that is developing transgender services to examine the concerns of an activist campaigning against the requirement for transgender people to have a psychiatric assessment.Meanwhile, doctors at the National Gender
Harris to meet transgender activists after health department sit-in
Simon Harris has agreed to meet transgender health activists after they staged a four-hour sit-in at the Department of Health yesterday. This Is Me, the campaign group, staged the demonstration after failing to secure a meeting with Mr Harris despite repeated promises over the past 13 months. The g
HSE adopts policy on transgender patients
The Health Service Executive (HSE) will introduce a new policy on how to treat transgender people next year after consulting with international medical professionals. Dr Philip Crowley, the HSE