Michael McDowell writes to Justice Minister Simon Harris over inclusion of transgender in new hate speech laws
FORMER Attorney General Michael McDowell has written to Justice Minister Simon Harris raising queries about the inclusion of “transgender” as a gender in new hate speech laws.
How the ICCL obstructs democracy
It’s 1984 all over again – Working group on ‘disinformation’ a slippery slope to subduing valid critique and inconvenient facts
Social media has given us all a voice. It has made it possible and fast for anyone to reach an audience and spread a message, no matter how niche or weird or crazy.
The prison of silence | Colette Colfer | The Critic Magazine
The most striking thing about the transgender prisoner situation in Ireland is the silence that surrounds the issue. Most people are unaware that there are male-born prisoners housed in the women’s…
Up to five years’ jail if convicted under Ireland’s new hate laws
A new Bill will create, for the first time in Ireland, specific hate crime offences

Two pieces related to the "Institute for Strategic Dialogue":

Ciarán O’Connor: Some media reports about Enoch Burke’s contempt of court may be fuelling misinformation
Headlines incorrectly framing court cases could play into the hands of extremist groups which seek to stir up outrage and thereby promote their fringe views
Opinion: Trans rights issues are being used as a right-wing recruitment tool
Aoife Gallagher argues that anti-trans campaigners do not have science on their side no matter how hard they try.
Why are we outraged by the attack on Salman Rushdie but not by the death and rape threats against JK Rowling?
I’ve been musing a lot lately on the conflict between safety and freedom. Apparently, the majority of us crave safety — with only a minority prizing freedom above it. That makes sense from a herd point of view. The species’ main drive is to survive, and if we all went off cliff-diving an…
‘Heated’ questioning of his principal, a work suspension and an ignored court order – how Enoch Burke was jailed for contempt of court
Enoch Burke sat in the front row of Court 1, where senior barristers usually sit, looking down and clasping his hands.
Court injunction against teacher Enoch Burke attending school after he opposed addressing student with pronoun ‘they’
A secondary school has secured a temporary High Court injunction preventing a teacher who opposes addressing a student with the pronoun "they" from either attending at its premises or from teaching any classes at the school while he remains suspended from his position.
Mick Clifford: Does Ireland have a problem with right-wing extremism?
Ireland is not immune to racism or bigotry but the GPAHE report is inflating niche groups well above their true stature
Reckless hate crime bill must not become a gag
Cast your mind back to the presidential election campaign of 2018 when one of the candidates, Peter Casey, made remarks about Travellers that provoked huge cont
The Sunday Independent, 19th June 2022
Women must be free to speak without fear of trans backlash
The coalition now known as Trans Equality Together launched last Monday with the stated aim of ensuring “trans and non-binary people are equal, safe and valued”.
RTÉ’s Liveline accused of facilitating ‘hate speech’ against trans people
Coalition of groups launched at Dublin’s Mansion House to support transgender and non-binary people in Ireland
Are contentious opinions being silenced? | Newstalk
Are we heading towards a society in which debate is dying and contentious opinions are being supp...
Mick Clifford: Misuse of Dáil privilege in trans debate
Increasingly, a fractured political and social landscape is leading to the souring of debate.
Trans quote wrong, says woman ‘defamed’ by TD Mick Barry
Stella O’Malley, a psychotherapist, wants the record of the Dail corrected after she claims she was misquoted and her attitude on transgender people misreprese
Media boycott is typical of campus culture, which sometimes prefers cancelling to debating
The Union of Students in Ireland is refusing to speak to The Irish Times following an article published on August 9 last year
Majority of reported hate crimes logged as other offences
Almost 350 reports of alleged hate crime were logged through the garda force’s new online platform, but the vast majority were recorded as another incident typ
NI Hate Crime Bill could mean ‘Big Brother in your living room’
Met Office National Forecast for the week ahead
Thin-skinned leaders threaten our freedoms
Justice Minister Helen McEntee secured cabinet approval on Tuesday to seek the backing of TDs and senators for an initiative designed to make hate crimes and hate speech a punishable offence at EU level. There is nothing wrong with that, its tempting to say. Hate speech and hate crime are reprehensi…

Doherty criticises Women’s Council rally speaker list
A Fine Gael senator has said it is disappointing that a rally organised by the National Women’s Council ahead of International Women’s Day has excluded speakers from women of the Green Party, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.
Women’s council says rally is ‘one moment of protest’
Minister says it is ‘regrettable’ no female Government TD or Senator had been invited to speak at the rally on women’s equality
UK condemned as "country of concern" for Trans people by Council of Europe
Michael McDowell: Quidditch falls to earth with a show of intolerance
It’s hard to take the game seriously now that it’s renaming itself over JK Rowling’s views
Students to Vote on Irish Times Boycott From November 24th to 26th
Irish Times accused of ‘hostility’ towards trans people as students support boycott | Business Post
The paper of record has come under fire after publishing a controversial op-ed which expressed issues with forthcoming legislation to ban conversion therapy in Ireland
Battle for free speech is being surrendered to keyboard warriors
For most of human history, there have been attempts to control which ideas can be expressed in public. Invariably, such repression has been presented as being for the public good.
Online reporting tool for hate crime has 157 alerts in first three months
A hate crime portal started by the garda force in July has received 157 reports in its first three months of operation. Seventy-three of these were actionable,
NI gospel preachers arrested by Gardai are to go on trial in Republic of Ireland
Three street preachers from Northern Ireland have been arrested in Dundalk after preaching against homosexuality and are due to appear at the town’s district court on public order offences.
Complaint over panellist on Today FM’s Last Word calling JK Rowling ‘transphobic’ upheld by BAI
The BAI said the broadcast of this statement without challenge was “not fair”.


New hate crime bill with tough sentences gets government approval
Minister McEntee said the constitutional rights of freedom of expression and of association will be respected in the new legislation.
BAI complaint over JK Rowling ‘transphobia’ accusation upheld
Harry Potter author was referred to as a ‘bigot’ during segment of show on Today FM
Minister promises tough new hate crime sentencing
Tough new sentences for hate crimes are to be introduced by Justice Minister Helen McEntee.
New hate crime laws to cover gender expression and identity
Inciting hatred on social media could carry prison sentence of up to six months
Irish LGBTQ+ community stand in #IrishSolidariT against transphobia on Trans Day of Remembrance
Andrews in apology for ‘anti-trans’ tweets likes
A Sinn Féin TD has apologised for liking tweets which transgender rights campaigners have said are "transphobic".
National Women’s Council criticised for signing trans activist letter
The National Women’s Council (NWC) has been criticised for signing a letter exhorting politicians and the media not to give a platform to “pseudo feminists” on transgender issues. The letter
The LGB Alliance is not transphobic – we are just trying to protect ourselves
We, a group of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men, were proud to found the LGB Alliance, Ireland, last month. Imagine our surprise, then, to read Emma Kelly’s article expounding we were a transphobic hate group. We are writing this to ask a simple question; why is it so awful to come together to …