Colonisation of the Irish Curriculum
How gender ideology became embedded in the Irish education system. PART I
Ní hionann cosaint chearta na mban agus ionsaí ar chearta eile
Enoch Burke may be sent to prison over defiance of suspension and court order
The chapel at Wilson’s Hospital School in Multyfarnham, Co Westmeath, was packed with pupils, staff, parents and clergy for a service last June. The occasion was both solemn and celebratory, marking the Church of Ireland diocesan boarding school’s 260th anniversary.
Trans rights a question of reasonableness and common sense
There is no absolute human right to erase gendered thought and language on a widespread basis

Replacement of word "woman" with "person" in the Work Life Balance and Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2022:

Legislative Measures
Legislative Measures Dáil Éireann Debate, Tuesday - 5 July 2022 Submission by Irish Girl Guides to the 2018 Gender Recognition Act Review Group:
Transgender: I never felt like a boy -- but now I’ve been set free
Dressed in a red jumper and a vibrant blue scarf, Vanessa Lacey (47) stands at the gates of the school in Waterford waiting for her little boy to emerge.
Trans men given rights to breastfeeding breaks in Ireland
Transgender men who have given birth will be entitled to avail of newly improved breastfeeding breaks at work under new government legislation. The Work-life B

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Troubled trans group hides bio
A transgender advocacy group that has received more than €1 million in state grants has deleted the online biography of its long-serving chairwoman after questi
Non-binary, intersex, and trans people’s identity ‘essentially erased’ from Census
Census 2022 question on sex ‘makes it impossible for many people to abide by legal requirement’
Census shouldn’t be too afraid to ask about sex
You might imagine that nothing could be less contentious than the questions that appear on a census form, but you would be wrong, alas. In a fortnight, the 2022
No one celebrates Bodies with Vaginas Day
Well what a damp squid, as Bertie Ahern might have said, that turned out to be. “No woman left behind” was the laughably inappropriate slogan for the rally/prot
Women’s rights have been given away by Irish feminists
Yesterday at the Dáil, the National Women’s Council (NWC) held a rally to call for “political leadership and action on women’s equality”.
Erasing Irish women | Jill Nesbitt | The Critic Magazine
Vigils were still being held last week in Ireland for 23 year old Ashling Murphy, the recently qualified primary school teacher who was killed last month when she went for a run along the Grand Canal…
Human rights commission calls for prohibition of discrimation against carers
Women more likely to face discrimination over care responsibilities than men – Ihrec
Why the Rose of Tralee is on thorny ground
By now, if Christmas has gone according to tradition, the average home should look as if a bomb has hit it.

It’s time to say no to extremists who want to let children pick their gender
Ireland signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child nearly 30 years ago now. One might imagine that life for Irish children must be a paradise by now, with such a head start on protecting their interests.
How counting murders of women changed the law in Italy
Europe Letter: Statistician Sabbadini pioneered measurement of gender inequality
The reality of sex - Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -)
Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -) -
‘Jade Goody’s death prompted me to attend cervical screening — and it saved my life’
Every year about 300 people in Ireland will develop cervical cancer, and sadly around 90 will die from the disease. It affects mostly those in the 30 to 50 age bracket and anyone who has ever been sexually active is at risk, despite their sexual orientation.
Participants able to self-identify their sex in Scottish census
People in Scotland will be able to self-identify their sex in next year’s census, official guidance has said.
Legal system is just too blunt: it is time to take family out of the courtroom
A court finally intervened last week to stop a man using our legal system to beat up his ex-wife. He had been doing it for almost two decades, the Court of Appe

Letters to the Editor: Trans rights issues are going under the radar
Letters to the Editor: Trans rights issues are going under the radar
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