Transgender Inmate Convicted Of Raping Female Prisoner at Women’s Facility
USA: Almost 50% of Trans Inmates in Federal Custody for Sex Offences
Data obtained from the Bureau of Prisons has revealed that almost 50% of trans-identified male inmates are in custody for sex offences, compared to just 11% of the general male population. The shocking revelation comes after documents were acquired through a Freedom of Information request filed wit… "California has moved few transgender women out of men’s prisons, despite new law"

California sued by Women’s Liberation Front over transgender jail law that ‘risks’ safety
California has been sued over a law allowing transgender inmates to be held in jails based on their gender identity.The Women’s Liberation Front (Wolf) filed a
Suit takes aim at law that lets transgender inmates choose housing based on gender identity
A California bill that lets transgender inmates choose to be housed at either men’s or women’s facilities is under fire in a lawsuit filed last week.