Kids’ “Sex Change” Clinic Founder Got Money From Makers of Puberty Blockers - The New American
Are some doctors abusing children for money? The answer may be yes if the case of Dr. Stephen Rosenthal, co-founder and director of a clinic that facilitates children’s “sex change” attempts, is any indication. The issue: The physician received payments from two pharmaceutical companies that are bei…
Founder Of A Children’s Gender Facility Cashed In On Puberty Blocker Consulting
The co-founder of a California-based gender facility designed for children cashed in on consulting for pharmaceutical companies that sell puberty blockers.
Puberty Blocker Company Paid Co-Director of Children’s Gender Clinic
The co-director of a clinic that aids in children’s sex change attempts received compensation from a company that produces puberty blockers.
The White House Is Pushing Puberty Blockers for ‘Trans Kids.’ It’s Relying on a Problematic Study. - Washington Free Beacon
The Biden administration promoted the use of puberty blockers for transgender children by citing a study from an LGBT group funded in part by a manufacturer of the controversial drugs used in gender reassignment.
I’m quitting Disney after seeing it boast about pushing ‘gender theory’
The Walt Disney Corporation has said it is pushing a pro-gay agenda onto kids.
Big Banks With Big Investments in the Gender Identity Industry
Last week I did a deep dive into the bankers behind the leadership of the LGBT agenda. Let’s now take a look at the banks themselves, twisting themselves five ways from Sunday to support the tiny part of the population calling themselves “transgender.” Again, before we begin this exploration, lets c…
Trans athlete bans prove to be bad for a state’s economy
We already know trans athlete bans are harmful on a human rights level. And now they can hurt a state’s economy too.
When philanthropy is really marketing of a dangerous ideology or, what money can buy.
Link to article "ARC International: Canada’s Dark Rainbow" by A Sledge and a Crowbar
The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement | Jennifer Bilek
<p>The LGBT rights agenda has become a powerful, aggressive force in American society. <em><a href=”/web-exclusives/2020/01/the-billionaires-behind-the-lgbt-movement”>Continue Reading </a> »</em></p>
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Thread by @TwisterFilm: 1./ Paedophilia and the Scottish LGBTQ+ movement. Is it any surprise that Stonewall and other groups are members of ILGA an international LGBTQ+ lobby group that’s alleged to be campaigning ...…
Gender neutral toilets could soon be mandatory in all workplaces
Gender-neutral toilets could soon become mandatory in all workplaces in one major Australian state. A probe is already underway with WorkSafe in Victoria.

Statement by WPATH 16th December 2020:

Jennifer Bilek: Transhumanism & Autogynephilia

Jennifer Pritzker: Biden’s Repeal of Transgender Military Ban Good for Everybody
As of last month, the transgender military ban was repealed. We talk with retired Col. Jennifer Pritzker about the importance of this move.