Stop subsidizing the transgender-industrial complex
A major driver of our nation’s growing transgender lunacy is the fact that, when government subsidies are attached to it, “gender affirming care” is extremely profitable to the healthcare behemoths that have themselves become addicted to government dollars.

Med School Misinformation Course Misinforms on Puberty Blockers, ‘Gender-Affirming Care’
Do not transition your kids’ is message from former trans girl, 17
Do not transition your kids’: Former trans girl, 17, reveals how puberty blockers and surgery have ‘irreversibly and painfully’ ruined her body as she backs Florida rule blocking law medical interventions.
Florida Republican pledges to make gender transition-related medical care for minors felony child abuse
Florida’s 2023 session is currently some 11 months away. Fine’s term — along with Florida’s 160 legislative seats — are up for election in November.
Texas AG Investigates Big Pharma Over “Misleadingly” Promoting Puberty Blockers - The New American
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) to two pharmaceutical companies in an investigation seeking to find whether the companies might have “deceptively advertised and promoted hormone blockers for unapproved uses without disclosing the potential risks to chi…
Leading manual of psychiatric treatment redefines terms in favor of trans advocacy
The latest update to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the standard for definitions and explanations of psychiatric care, has fully embraced trans-affirmative language.
AG Paxton to Investigate Promotion of Puberty Blockers in Children
Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and AbbVie Inc. under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.
Individuals Treated for Gender Dysphoria with Medical and/or Surgical Transition Who Subsequently Detransitioned: A Survey of 100 Detransitioners - Archives of Sexual Behavior
The study’s purpose was to describe a population of individuals who experienced gender dysphoria, chose to undergo medical and/or surgical transition and then detransitioned by discontinuing medications, having surgery to reverse the effects of transition, or both. Recruitment information with a lin…
Leading medics warn too many kids given gender reassignment surgery
Dr Marci Bowers (left) and Dr Erica Anderson - both transgender women and leaders in the fields of surgery and psychology - have both warned about trends in treating transgender youngsters.
Newsom signs bill protecting LGBTQ patients’ health care privacy
During a bill signing ceremony Wednesday focused on legislation strengthening reproductive health care services in California, Governor Gavin Newsom also signed into law legislation that protects the health care privacy of LGBTQ patients and others.

Time to Hit Pause on ‘Pausing’ Puberty in Gender-Dysphoric Youth
Every clinician considering prescribing hormones for youth with gender dysphoria has an important question to ask themselves, says Dr William Malone: Just because I can, does it mean I should?
Correction: Transgender Surgery Provides No Mental Health Benefit
A New Way to Be Mad
The phenomenon is not as rare as one might think: healthy people deliberately setting out to rid themselves of one or more of their limbs, with or without a surgeon’s help. Why do pathologies sometimes arise as if from nowhere? Can the mere description of a condition make it contagious?
Doctors can object to gender transition procedures on religious grounds, suit says
Doctors object to being forced to perform “gender transition procedures” in a lawsuit filed Thursday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
How a landmark UK court case could upend transgender Australian teens’ lives
A review in Western Australia aimed at preventing lawsuits from transgender patients could change the way doctors prescribe crucial hormonal treatment, and other states may follow suit.
Opinion | A Pediatric Association Stifles Debate on Gender Dysphoria
Doctors who question the orthodoxy won’t be allowed to set up a booth at its annual conference.
“Trans Mission” gets massive viewership, backing from experts, despite restrictions posed by social media platforms - Digital Journal
Despite social media platforms restricting some of the advertising for the powerful film “Trans Mission,” the documentary has been widely viewed online, and garnered support from medical experts, authors, and child counselors. In spite of social media restrictions on advertising for the recently-pro…
Finns Turn against Puberty Blockers for Gender Dysphoria
BioEdge: Policy shift in Finland for gender dysphoria treatment
Experts are sceptical about the evidence base for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones

When Sons Become Daughters: It’s Time to Admit That Reflexive ‘Affirmation’ Has Been a Mistake
Paying for Transgender Surgeries
Managing the costs of gender-altering treatment
“Gender therapy” doctor admits to advising kids to fake being suicidal to get transgender “treatments”
2020 Gender Medicine Highlights
The year 2020 has been pivotal in the field of gender medicine. Earlier this month, in a landmark decision, the UK High Court ruled that children under 16 are unlikely to be able to consent to the use of puberty blockers, which the Court deemed to be an experimental treatment. Rather than a “pause b…
B.C. Supreme Court judge orders surgeon to deny trans teen’s mastectomy wish
A B.C. Supreme Court judge stopped a transgender teen’s double mastectomy days before it was to go ahead.