EXCLUSIVE: Father of 11-year-old speaks out as New York hospital, courts attempt to medically transition his child
The father has been instructed by the court to call his child by a new, chosen name, new preferred pronouns, and to refer to the child as being of the new, chosen gender. Golisano Children’s Hospital recommends puberty blockers.
Parents, counsellors banned from opposing gender transition of kids
A new law in Victoria has parents and ‘terrified’ counsellors scared to do anything but accept their child’s newfound desire to change genders, for fear they’ll be prosecuted otherwise.
“Gender identity” policies stop therapists from asking important questions | Opinion
Policies and legislation that demand clinicians—and broader society—never ask why young patients wish to “change sex” risks harming the very population they seek to protect.
France outlaws gay conversion therapy
Using so-called conversion therapy to try to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity became a crime in France today when parliament endorsed a l
Can a minor consent to losing their sexuality?
Detransitioned Woman Denounces Stanford Child Psychiatrist For ‘Disparagement Of Psychiatric Intervention’ | The Daily Wire
A detransitioned woman who serves as an adviser for two organizations advocating for children questioning their gender issued an open letter in which she ripped a famed Stanford child psychiatrist for what she termed his “disparagement of psychiatric intervention and exploratory psychotherapy, his s…





‘Conversion Therapy’ Bill Will Restrict Personal Autonomy – Legal Opinion | Scoop News
Family First NZ has released a legal opinion on the proposed law to ban ‘conversion therapy’ bill which says that the bill will have a ‘chilling effect’ on freedom of expression concerning gender issues, and will fail in its stated purpose of promoting ...


Law professor: National’s vote against conversion therapy bill ‘odd’
All parties voted for the Bill except for National.
Conversion therapy ban legislation passes first reading at Parliament
New Zealand is a step closer to banning gay conversion therapy, with legislation criminalising the practice passing its first hurdle in Parliament this afternoon.
Conversion therapy: what’s in a vote?
National’s stance against the conversion therapy bill could challenge its ability to remain ideologically consistent and retain voters, argues Joshua James.
‘I will not support parents being criminalised for being parents’ - Judith Collins on conversion therapy bill - NZ Herald
‘It’s disappointing that private conversations are being leaked out’ - Chris Bishop
National’s factions strained over gay conversion therapy ban
<p>The National Party’s liberal and conservative factions are strained as the party reckons with voting against a ban on gay conversion therapy.</p> <p>National was the only political party that didn’t support the legislation through its first reading last week.</p> <p>It was a caucus decision but…
‘Shame’: Conversion Therapy bill passes first reading but is opposed by National Party
The bill is closer to becoming law but still needs to go through the select committee process.
Simon Bridges: National wants amendments made to conversion therapy bill
The bill to ban conversion therapy is set to go to the amendment table if it wants the support of the National Party. National say they support the intent
Act supports conversion therapy ban bill, National holding out over parental concerns - NZ Herald
Both parties have concerns about potential to criminalise parents.
ACT, National warn of conversion therapy bill ‘risk’
ACT leader David Seymour says it is highly unlikely his party would continue to support the government’s bill banning conversion therapy, while National is refusing to support it without changes.


Victoria criminalises gay conversion therapy - Criminal Law - Australia
Conversion therapy tries to change a person’s sexual orientation by psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.
Jack Turban’s Dangerous Campaign to Smear Ethical Psychotherapy as Anti-Trans ‘Conversion Therapy’