Early Transition: Arguments Pro and Con
At the age of 13, my daughter, following some stressful social changes in her life and a large amount of time spent on the internet, joined a wave of teens that feel discomfort with their sex or gender role and believe they are “trans”. As part of this identity and her conclusion that she is really …
Leading medics warn too many kids given gender reassignment surgery
Dr Marci Bowers (left) and Dr Erica Anderson - both transgender women and leaders in the fields of surgery and psychology - have both warned about trends in treating transgender youngsters.
High school teacher slams ‘disturbing, inappropriate’ curriculum
Victorian high school teacher Moira Deeming says the safe boundaries between teachers and students are being “destroyed” by a curriculum that teaches incredibly inappropriate and “disturbing” sexual content. Ms Deeming told Sky News Australia a curriculum – which she said came out originally under …
To My Daughter’s Therapist: You Were Wrong
To my daughter’s gender therapist: you were wrong. It has been some months since you and my daughter had the last of four sessions. In the third session I was invited to sit in on a discussion of the effects of T, testosterone, on a human female body. You smiled calmly as you led us through a series…
What’s Your Endgame?
By Sara Hertz
Six-year-old told by teacher that “girls are not real”: case to proceed to a full hearing
Pressure builds over raising Japan’s age of consent
Controversial remarks by a Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker and cases of paternal rape have driven discussion on lifting the age of consent.
Liberal Activists Rebrand Sex Changes As ‘Gender-Affirming Medical Care’ To Bully State Officials Into Allowing The Mutilation Of Children
Liberal activists seek to rebrand sex changes as "gender affirming medical care" even when discussing these sex changes for children.
Nearly 1 in 10 teens identify as gender-diverse in Pittsburgh study
The number of young people who are gender-diverse — including transgender, nonbinary and genderqueer — may be significantly higher than previously thought,
Disney Revamps Children’s Cartoon, Turns It Into Full-Blown Pro-LGBT Woke Propaganda Show
After a 15-year hiatus, Disney is bringing back the beloved “The Proud Family” series, but this time with a major pro-LGBT twist.
Canadian Father Jailed for Speaking Out about Trans-Identifying Child
A Vancouver postman is sitting in a jail cell. His crime? Trying to save his daughter from self-destruction.
Stop telling girls to smile -- it pressures them to accept the unjust status quo
A warning from Australia on the transgender debate | The Spectator
It’s great that Britain’s high court has ruled that children can’t give informed consent to receive puberty blockers. I only wish that we had made that sort of progress here in Australia. But we haven’t — we’ve gone the other way. Not only are we still handing out puberty blockers to children, we h…
‘Massive pause button’: UK case resets the rules on children’s gender transition
A London judgment has dramatically changed the landscape for minors with gender dysphoria in a case that may impact the law in Australia.
Huge setback for transgender activism in UK